Lucille Young

Lucille May Young (March 6, 1882[1] August 2, 1934) was an American actress of the early silent film era.

Lucille Young
Lucille May Young

March 6, 1882
DiedAugust 2, 1934 (aged 52)
Other namesLucille Younge
Lucile Young
Miss Young
Lulu Day
Years active19051930
Spouse(s)Hale Day (m.1918, divorced)

Early life

Lucille May Young was born on March 6, 1883 in Lansing, Michigan, the daughter of Glendower Young (18581927)[2] and Katherine Bessie "Kittie" Young (18611942).[3] She had one brother, Howard Earl Young, who was born a year earlier.[4] Some sources give Lucille's birth name as Lucia Medina, her birth year as 1892, and her birthplace as Lyon, France.[5][6]

Her parents marriage was short-lived, and her mother remarried to James Mortimer Terry, gaining Young a half-sister, Ethel Terry, who also became an actress (not to be confused with Ethel Grey Terry).[7][8]


In 1905, Lucille and Ethel began performing in vaudeville in Detroit. One production noted in the Detroit Free Press was the "Isles of Spice". She's mentioned as a player in the vaudeville giant, Vaughan Glaser Company in 1907.

Around 1909 she made her way to New York, her early film work there being with The Thanhouser Company.[9] Her first film roles were in 1910, appearing opposite George Larkin in An Indian's Gratitude, and in The Vicar of Wakefield alongside Martin Faust and Anna Rosemond. From 1910 to the end of 1914 Young appeared in thirty six films, most of which were short films. She appeared in another eighteen films in 1915, which would be her biggest year.

From 1916 to 1930 Young appeared in twenty four films, including The Daredevil alongside Tom Mix and Eva Novak, and opposite Marceau Moore in The Invisible Enemy. All but two of her film appearances during that period would be by 1920, with a five-year gap between 1920 and 1925 before she would have another film role, then a gap of five years until her final role in 1930. She died following an unsuccessful surgery on August 2, 1934, in Los Angeles.[10]

Personal life

In 1918, Young married an attorney, Lieutenant Hale Day, in San Diego. The marriage produced no children and ended in divorce.[11]

Selected filmography


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