Lucilla Boari

Lucilla Boari (born 24 March 1997) is an Italian recurve archer who has represented Italy at the 2016 Summer Olympics. She has additionally competed for her country at the 2018 Mediterranean Games and the 2019 European Games, in which she won an individual gold and silver medal respectively.

Lucilla Boari
Personal information
Born (1997-04-24) 24 April 1997
Mantua, Italy
Country Italy
Updated on 1 September 2019.


Boari secured two qualification spots for her country in the final world qualification tournament for the Olympics held prior to the beginning of the Games, delivering the shot that claimed victory for the Italian team over Chinese Taipei. Boari was subsequently chosen as part of the Italian squad alongside fellow Olympic debutants Claudia Mandia and Guendalina Sartori in July 2016.[1]

At the Olympics Games the following month, Boari competed in the women's individual and women's team events. With teammates Mandia and Sartori, Boari successfully progressed to the semi-finals in the women's team competition, defeating the Brazilian and Chinese teams before losing to Russia. In the bronze medal match their opponents Chinese Taipei were too strong, and the Italian trio finished the competition in fourth place.[2] Boari was however much less successful in the individual tournament, and after placing seventh in the ranking round lost to Australia's Alice Ingley in the opening elimination round.[3]

In June 2018 she achieved the gold medal in the women's invdividual event at the Mediterrean Games, defeating the Spanish archer Mónica Galisteo Cruz in the final. The following year she competed in the European Games, and after a solid ranking round in which she claimed the sixth seed, advanced all the way to the women's individual gold medal final before being defeated by compatriot Tatiana Andreoli and earning a silver medal as runner-up.[4]


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