Luciano Serra, Pilot

Luciano Serra, Pilot (Italian: Luciano Serra pilota) is a 1938 Italian war drama film directed by Goffredo Alessandrini and starring Amedeo Nazzari, Germana Paolieri and Roberto Villa.

Luciano Serra, Pilot
Directed byGoffredo Alessandrini
Produced byAngelo Monti
Written byFrancesco Masoero
Fulvio Palmieri
Ivo Perilli
Roberto Rossellini
Cesare Giulio Viola
Goffredo Alessandrini
StarringAmedeo Nazzari
Germana Paolieri
Roberto Villa
Mario Ferrari
Music byGiulio Cesare Sonzogno
CinematographyUbaldo Arata
Edited byGiorgio Simonelli
Aquila Cinematografica
Distributed byGeneralcine
Release date
8 August 1938
Running time
102 minutes

It was screened at the Venice Film Festival in August 1938, where it was awarded the Mussolini Cup for Best Italian Film. It was considered the defining film of Nazzari's career, establishing him as the leading male star in Italy.[1]

The film's assistant director Roberto Rossellini supervised the shooting of footage on location in North Africa.[2] Rossellini made his own directorial debut three years later with The White Ship, and went on to become a leading Italian filmmaker.

Partial cast


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