Luciano Pigozzi

Luciano Pigozzi, also known professionally as Alan Collins[1] (10 January 1927 14 June 2008), was an Italian character actor. A long-time staple of Italian genre cinema, Pigozzi was noted for his resemblance to Peter Lorre[2] and appeared in such films as Human Cobras,[3] Yor, the Hunter from the Future,[1] Ivanhoe, the Norman Swordsman,[4] Blood and Black Lace,[5] Libido and perhaps his goriest role in Baron Blood.

Luciano Pigozzi
Born(1927-01-10)10 January 1927
Novellara, Italy
Died14 June 2008(2008-06-14) (aged 81)
Other namesAlan Collins
Years active1954−1989

Born in Novellara, province of Reggio Emilia, in Italy; he appeared in more than one hundred films between 1954 and 1989, including many 1960s Italian thrillers such as Terror-Creatures from the Grave, Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory and The Whip and the Body. Pigozzi died in 2008, at age 81.

Selected filmography


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