Lovely But Deadly

Lovely But Deadly is a 1981 action film about a cheerleader who goes undercover to fight drug dealers. The film stars Lucinda Dooling, John Randolph, Mel Novak and Richard Herd.

Lovely But Deadly
Theatrical release poster
Directed byDavid Sheldon
Produced byDoro Vlado Hreljanovic
David Sheldon
Written byLawrence D. Foldes
Patricia Joyce
David Sheldon
StarringLucinda Dooling
John Randolph
Mel Novak
Richard Herd
Susan Mechsner
Marie Windsor
Mary Elizabeth McDonough
Music byRobert O. Ragland
Edited byRichard S. Brummer
Elmtree Productions
Distributed byJuniper Releasing
Release date
Running time
93 min.
CountryUnited States

Directed by David Sheldon with a story by Lawrence D. Foldes, the film follows Mary Ann "Lovely" Lovitt (Dooling), who goes back to high school to find the drug pushers that she holds responsible for the death of her brother, who died from an overdose.[1][2]

The film features several fight scenes, with Lovitt using kung fu to deal with an array of villains.[1]

It was subsequently released on VHS by Vestron Video.


Daniel R. Budnik, in his book 80s Action Movies on the Cheap, calls the film "enjoyable" but "schizophrenic", stating "the film's style changes so much there could be ten directors involved".[1] Shock Cinema called it an "amusingly braindead romp".[3]

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