Love Letter (Azu album)

Love Letter is the fourth studio album by Azu, released on 18 January 2012. It was released in two versions: a limited CD+DVD edition and a regular CD Only edition. The limited edition comes with a Music Video Best DVD containing music videos of Azu's past hits, such as "Ima Sugu ni...", "You & I" feat. LOVE LOVE LOVE, and "Jikan yo Tomare feat. SEAMO". The album reached #22 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 5 weeks.

Catalog number

BVCL-302/3 (limited edition)
BVCL-304 (regular edition)


¥3,675 (limited edition)
¥3,059 (regular edition)

CD track list

  1. Stay with Me
  2. Ring ~M&M~
  3. Woman
  4. Ashita no Watashi (明日の私; Tomorrow's Me)
  5. Heart Beat
  6. I Like U
  7. Mr. Right
  8. Hands Off!!!
  9. Clear Like Crystal
  10. Missing You...
  11. Saigo no Love Song (最後のLove Song; Last Love Song)
  12. Tomodachi☆★ (トモダチ☆★; Friends)
  13. Shiawase ni Nareru. (幸せになれる。; Be Happy.)
  14. Love Letter ~Kimi ga Iru Kara~ (Love letter ~君がいるから~; Because You Are Here)

DVD track list

  1. Ima Sugu ni... (いますぐに...; Right Now...) (PV)
  2. I Will (PV)
  3. You & I feat. LOVE LOVE LOVE (PV)
  4. For You (PV)
  5. Tashika na Koto (たしかなこと; Important Things) (PV)
  6. To You... (PV)
  7. Broken Heart (PV)
  8. Tomodachi☆★ (トモダチ☆★; Friend☆★) (PV)
  9. Woman (PV)
  10. Jikan yo Tomare feat. SEAMO (時間よ止まれ; Stop Time) (PV)
  11. AZU TV

Oricon Charts Positions

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Total reported sales: 8,137*

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