Love Australia or Leave

Love Australia or Leave is an Australian political party registered for federal elections since October 2016.[1] The party platform includes opposition to immigration and Islam in Australia, and support of Australia leaving the United Nations.

Love Australia or Leave
LeaderKim Vuga
Founded2016 (2016)
HeadquartersTownsville, Queensland
IdeologyAustralian ultranationalism
Political positionFar-right

It was founded in 2016 by Kim Vuga who had appeared in a television documentary in 2015 called Go Back to Where You Came From which sought to expose ordinary Australians to the situations faced by refugees and asylum seekers.[2]

The party was registered in October 2016. Its founder Kim Vuga unsuccessfully stood for election in the federal election in July 2016 as an independent candidate to represent Queensland in the Australian Senate. She used the slogan "Love Australia or Leave" which has become the name of her party. It intended to be registered and stand candidates in the 2017 Queensland state election, but did not field any candidates at that election.[2] The party ran candidates at the 2019 Australian federal election: one for the lower house seat of Fisher, two Senate candidates (Vuga and Gavin Wyatt) in Queensland, and one ungrouped Senate candidate in each of New South Wales and Tasmania.[3]


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