Louisiana (1984 film)

Louisiana is a 1984 Franco - Italian - Canadian film directed by Philippe de Broca.


The action is located in Louisiana in the mid-nineteenth century. Virginia will fight to get possession of the Bagatelle estate after it was lost during the Civil War.


Margot Kidder : Virginia Tregan
Ian Charleson : Clarence Dandridge
Andréa Ferréol : Mignette
Lloyd Bochner : Adrien Damvillier
Victor Lanoux : Charles de Vigors
Len Cariou : Oswald
Hilly Hicks : Brent
Raymond Pellegrin : Morley
Ken Pogue : Dr. Murphy
Akosua Busia : Ivy
Corinne Marchand : Anne McGregor
James Bearden : Percy Templeton
Larry Lewis : Adrien II
Wayne Best: Major McGregor
Ron L. Lewis : Pierre Damvillier
Angus MacInnes : Albert
Alex Liggett : Adrien II, child
Matthew Breeding : Pierre, child
Scott Burnelle : Fabian
Kellie Brasselle : Julie
Tara Winder : Ivy, child
Mark Polley : Adrien McGregor I
Timothy Patterson : Little Joe
Michael J. Reynolds : General Bank
Ron Cural : Bradley
Pat Perkins : Nella
Becki Davis : Betty Templeton
Valerian Smith : Theodore


As an international co-production, the making of Louisiana required an international cast and crew. The Hungarian-born Canadian John Kemeny was responsible for the overall production. The original French director was Jacques Demy who was replaced by Philippe de Broca, also from France,[1](p52) assisted by Emmanuel Gust. Financing of the $13 million production included pre-sale to television as a six-hour miniseries (on HBO). Because it was also intended for international theatrical release, two different scripts were used, meaning some characters appearing in the mini-series did not appear in the film.[1](p41)

The screenplay was by Dominique Fabre, Chuck Israel, John Melson, Étienne Périer, based on the first two novels of Maurice Denuzière's six-volume Louisiane suite, "Louisiane" (1977) and "Fausse-Rivière" (1979).

It was filmed in and around Nottoway Plantation house outside New Orleans. The production was plagued by problems, including a near hurricane which caused delays, and the Mississippi River, which overflowed and destroyed a large outdoor set.[1](p51)

Production credits

Artistic direction: Ivo Cristante, Randy Moore
Sets: John McAdam
Costumes: John Hay
Photography: Michel Brault
Poster: Yves Thos
Sound: Jean-Charles Ruault
Editing: Henri Lanoë
Music: Claude Bolling
Associate production company: Gabriel Boustani
Executive producers: Denis Heroux, John Kemeny
Production company :

  • France A2 Movies
  • Espagne Filmax
  • Canada International Cinema Corporation
  • Italie Radio Televisione Italiana

Distribution: Parafrance
Original language: French and English
Format: colour - 35 mm - 1.37: 1 - Mono sound
Genre : historical film
Duration: 187 minutes
Release dates: France : January 22 , 1984


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