Louis II, Duke of Bourbon

Louis de Bourbon, called the Good (4 February 1337 10 August 1410), son of Peter de Bourbon and Isabella de Valois (the sister of French King Philip VI), was the third Duke of Bourbon.

Louis II, Duke of Bourbon
Duke Louis II of Bourbon
Died1410 (aged 7273)
Noble familyBourbon
Spouse(s)Anne of Auvergne
FatherPeter I, Duke of Bourbon
MotherIsabella de Valois

Duke Louis is reported to have been somewhat mentally unstable, specifically having a trait of nervous breakdowns which is presumably hereditary; this trait was also evidenced in his sister Joanna of Bourbon (the wife of French King Charles V), his nephew Charles VI of France (called "The Mad"), his father Duke Peter, and his grandfather Louis I, Duke of Bourbon.

The teenage Louis inherited the duchy from his father Duke Peter I after his death in the Battle of Poitiers in 1356.

On August 19, 1371, he married Anne of Auvergne (13581417), Countess of Forez and a daughter of Beraud II, Dauphin of Auvergne, and his wife the Countess of Forez, and they had four children:

  1. Catherine of Bourbon (b. 1378), d. young
  2. John of Bourbon (13811434), Duke of Bourbon
  3. Louis of Bourbon (1388 1404), Sieur de Beaujeu
  4. Isabelle of Bourbon (1384 aft. 1451)

In 1390, Duke Louis launched the Barbary Crusade against the Hafsids of Tunis, in conjunction with the Genoese. Its objective was to suppress piracy based in the city of Mahdia, but the siege was unsuccessful.[1] Duke Louis died at Montlucon in 1410, at the age of 73.


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Louis's ancestors in three generations'
Louis II, Duke of Bourbon Father:
Peter I, Duke of Bourbon
Paternal Grandfather:
Louis I, Duke of Bourbon
Paternal Great-Grandfather:
Robert, Count of Clermont
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Beatrix of Bourbon
Paternal Grandmother:
Mary of Avesnes
Paternal Great-Grandfather:
John II, Count of Holland
Paternal Great-Grandmother:
Philippa of Luxembourg
Isabella of Valois
Maternal Grandfather:
Charles of Valois
Maternal Great-Grandfather:
Philip III of France
Maternal Great-Grandmother:
Isabella of Aragon
Maternal Grandmother:
Mahaut of Châtillon
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Guy IV, Count of Saint-Pol
Maternal Great-Grandmother:
Marie of Brittany
French nobility
Preceded by
John II
Count of Forez
with Anna
Succeeded by
John I/III
Preceded by
Peter I
Duke of Bourbon
Count of Clermont-en-Beauvaisis
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