Louis Delaprée

Louis Delaprée was a French journalist and war correspondent in Madrid for the newspaper Paris-Soir during the Spanish Civil War. Paris-Soir had National/Rebel sympathies and Louis Delaprée's articles reporting the horror of the National bombings over the city were not too well received.[1] He eventually renounced to his position in the diary. The last article he wrote, under the title (borrowed from Émile Zola) "J’accuse…!", ended with the following sentence:

"Christ has said: Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. I think, after the Massacre of the Innocents (perpetrated) in Madrid, we should say: Do not forgive them, for they (the National side) do know what they are doing!"

He died after resigning, in Spain, during the Spanish Civil War, in unclear circumstances that have given room to speculation.


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