Lotarev DV-2

The Lotarev DV-2 (or PSLM DV-2, DV: Dnepr-Váh)[2] is a two-spool turbofan engine manufactured in Považská Bystrica, Slovakia by Považské Strojárne Letecké Motory (PS Aircraft Engines/Motors) (PSLM) (former ZVL Závody na Výrobu Ložísk "Bearings Production/Manufacturing Plant") and designed in partnership with Ivchenko Lotarev Design Bureau.[3]

DV-2 turbofan engine
Type Turbofan
National origin Soviet Union/Czechoslovakia
Manufacturer Ivchenko-Progress/PSLM

RD-35 by Klimov

First run 1987
Major applications L-59 Super Albatros (L-39MS Albatros)
Hongdu L-15
Ilyushin Il-108
Number built 124[1]
Developed from Ivchenko AI-25

Design and development

Developed from the Ivchenko AI-25 turbofan engine, ZVL was also responsible for pre-production and serial engine production.[1]

The DV-2 is a two-spool modular aviation turbofan engine with a single-stage overhung fan, two-stage LP compressor, seven-stage HP compressor, single-stage HP turbine, and two-stage LP turbine, and an annular combustion system. Maximum power at T-O is 21.58 kN (4,850 lbf) with a specific fuel consumption of 60 kg/(kN h) (0.593 (lb/lbf h)), at Maximum Rating, Sea Level Static, ISA.[4]

One of the most unusual features of this military engine is the single stage fan; most trainer and combat engines have multi-staged fans, single stage fans normally being the preserve of civil and military transport turbofans. Ivchenko Lotarev chose a very low specific thrust (net thrust/airflow) cycle for the DV-2, so a single stage fan is sufficient to develop the desired fan pressure ratio. Even so, the pressure ratio produced is somewhat higher than that normally developed by a single stage fan. Owing to the low specific thrust, the bypass ratio for the engine is higher than normal for a military turbofan.

This engine was required to power new versions of the L-39 trainer, L-39MS and L-59. Other turbofan engine models in the DV-2 family include the DV-2A, DV‑2A.2 and DV-2S.[2]

The DV-2S was renamed "RD-35" by the Klimov under license agreement with the PSLM in 1993.[2]


Specifications (DV-2S)

Data from PSLM website[5]

General characteristics

  • Type: Two-spool low-bypass turbofan engine with a single-stage fan
  • Length: 1,72 m (67.7 in)
  • Width: 0.82 m (32.2 in)
  • Height: 1.04 m (40.9 in)
  • Diameter: Fan: 0.64 m (25.2 in)
  • Dry weight: 439 kg (967.8 lb)


  • Compressor: Two-stage LP, seven-stage HP
  • Combustors: Annular combustion system with 16 fuel injection nozzles
  • Turbine: single-stage HP, two-stage LP


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