Lost in the Dark (1914 film)

Lost in the Dark (Italian:Sperduti nel buio) is a 1914 Italian silent drama film directed by Nino Martoglio and starring Giovanni Grasso Sr., Maria Carmi and Virginia Balestrieri. It is one of a number of films which have been suggested as an early move in the direction of Italian neorealism, although this is impossible to verify since the only surviving copy of the film was destroyed by German forces during the Second World War.[1] The film is based on a 1901 play of the same title by Roberto Bracco.

Lost in the Dark
Directed byNino Martoglio
Written byRoberto Bracco (play and screenplay)
StarringGiovanni Grasso Sr.
Maria Carmi
Virginia Balestrieri
Music byE. de Leva
Edited byNino Martoglio
Morgana Films
Release date
November 1914
Running time
66 minutes
Italian intertitles


  • Giovanni Grasso Sr. as Nunzio the blind man
  • Maria Carmi as Livia Blanchard
  • Virginia Balestrieri as Paolina
  • Vittorina Moneta as Paolina's mother
  • Dillo Lombardi as Duke of Vallenza
  • Totò Majorana as Nunzio's stepfather
  • Gina Benvenuti as Nunzio's mother
  • Maria Balistrieri
  • Ettore Mazzanti


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