Los Angeles Harbor Region

The Los Angeles Harbor Region is in Los Angeles County, California.


As defined by Mapping L.A. of the Los Angeles Times, the region is a 193.09-square-mile area flanked by South Los Angeles or Los Angeles County's Southeast Region on the north, Orange County on the east, the Pacific Ocean on the south and the South Bay region on the west.[1]

Cities and neighborhoods within the Harbor Region are:


In 2000 the region was composed of Latinos, 39.4%; whites, 30.7%; Asians, 13.2%, blacks, 13%, and others, 3.6%. West Carson was the most ethnically diverse neighborhood within the region, and Wilmington was the least diverse.[3]

The wealthiest neighborhood was Lakewood, and the poorest was Wilmington.[3]

Twenty-one percent of all residents aged 25 and older had a four-year degree. Signal Hill had the most post-secondary graduates and Wilmington the fewest.[3]

Rancho Dominguez was the neighborhood with the oldest population, while Hawaiian Gardens was the youngest.[3]

Renters made up 51.7% of the population. The neighborhood with the highest rental rate was unincorporated Santa Catalina Island, while the one with the most homeowners was Rancho Dominguez.[3]

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