Lorenzo Piani

Lorenzo Piattoni (27 September 1955 – 14 August 2016), known professionally as Lorenzo Piani, was an Italian singer and songwriter.

Lorenzo Piani
Lorenzo Piani 2012
Background information
Birth nameLorenzo Piattoni
Born(1955-09-27)27 September 1955
Giulianova, Italy
Died14 August 2016(2016-08-14) (aged 60)
Rimini, Italy
  • Piano
  • keyboards
Years active1972–2016


After studying classical piano at the Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro, he released a single. As a musician, he has performed in many countries, including the King Hussein of Jordan. In 1983 he returned to Italy, where he has worked as a composer for the RAI TV. He was involved in programs such as "tandem" and "sul Vediamoci 2" presented by Rita Dalla Chiesa and Fabrizio Frizzi. At the same time he wrote the song "Forza Rimini" for the football club of the city. In the spring of 1990 he released his first album "Sognatori Erranti" on the label NAR. The song Vecchio Poeta is produced and implemented with the classic Scarlatti Orchestra of Italy. Lorenzo Piani for seven years, then moved to Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden), where he played with his band at clubs. In 1995 he published in the RTI Music CD single The Train. Published in 1998 RTI Music Album VIVO feeling. 2000 Lorenzo Piani began a new adventure as artistic director of Balla Bella Radio Festival Talent Scout project. In 2008, he made an important collaboration with Brian Auger, who played the organ for the album sorpresi Dal Vento. In 2011, he released his fifth album, entitled La Filosofia del CAM. CAM stands for food, love and music. A massive radio promotion brought the song for weeks in the Indie Music Charts.

In July 2013 released the new album of the singer/songwriter Lorenzo Piani, titled10 ten. 10 is what Lorenzo Piani defines the perfect number to whom he dedicates the track that closes the entire project. Lorenzo Piani is an artist outside the box of the music business and in his career he has always preferred to success, the freedom to make his music, singer-songwriter is a highly respected abroad, who attends regularly for his live performances and just from this his openness to new experiences he developed the idea of the project 10. The travel with the music led him to meet and discuss with other artists from Europe and thus is born the idea of 10, a collaboration with female artists from different European countries, that they duet with him on three tracks in different idioms. The meaning of 10 is the vision of life second PIani, an analysis of the most intimate feelings of men and women, a proposal that shows a way to overcome this critical moment of social and economic life, where the human being finds unsuspected resources in its creativity, in being able to read things and events with a "positive winning", there are also some jazzy moments dedicated to his passion for the music. For the English speaking market, Nirah, young performer, duet with Lorenzo in the song THE SOUL. Song catchy-sounding ethno-electronic. For the Spanish, Portuguese and Latin markets, María Villalón, an artist of great talent, duet with Lorenzo Piani in the song “Mudar”. The message of MUDAR that Lorenzo wants to transmit, is a sign of hope in order to change all the negativity that pollute the existence of human beings, life is to be lived to the fullest. For Austrian And German Markets, Stephanie, a child prodigy of the German melodic song, duets with Lorenzo Piani in GRANDE AMORE. Stephanie wanted to sing the song GRANDE AMORE with Lorenzo Piani, in Italian; for an Austrian singer, an important artistic endeavors. On 27 March 2015 the instrumental album SHADES OF MUSIC was released, a selection of instrumental tracks, which defines the various nuances of the music.

On 20 November 2015 the single "SENZA UN SORRISO" was released. This release is a track from a new art project, conceived by Lorenzo Piani, POP CLASSIC. It is a crossover project, a musical contamination that originates from an array pop and classical counterpoint develops. Partner of this project is a star of the opera world, the Sicilian soprano Desirée Rancatore. The soprano Desirée Rancatore's voice interwoven with the dough soft and persuasive voice of Lorenzo Piani, the theme comes to life through harmonies typical of classical music. The texts are structured with a book specially written, as well as in the tradition of Italian opera.

On 14 August 2016 his official site announced his death.[1]


45 rpm

  • 1983 „45 giri Dolce Annie e Andrea un amico“ EMI Group

33 rpm

  • 1990 „33 giri e MC Sognatori Erranti“ Nar/Dischi Ricordi

Cd Single

  • 1992 „Cd Singolo Hvor sod du var“ SNDMUSIC/Audiosparx
  • 1995 „CdSingolo Il Treno“ RTI Music
  • 2015 „CdSingolo Senza Un Sorriso„ SNDMUSIC

Cd Album

  • 1998 „CDAlbum VivoFeelings“ RTI Music
  • 2001 „CDAlbum New version VivoFeelings“ Sony Music
  • 2008 „CDAlbum Sorpresi dal Vento“ SNDMUSIC
  • 2011 „CDAlbum La Filosofia del CAM“ SNDMUSIC
  • 2013 „CDAlbum 10 Ten“ SNDMUSIC
  • 2015 „CDAlbum Shades of Music“ SNDMUSIC
  • 2016 "SensationS" SNDMUSIC

DVD Album

  • 2006 „DVDAlbum Un Salto E Volo Lungometraggio musicale“ SNDMUSIC/EXA Media


  • 2011 „Italian Voices 1, 2, 3 und 4“ SNDMUSIC/Audiosparx
  • 2011 „Sunny Pop Music vol.1 u. 3“ SNDMUSIC/Audiosparx
  • 2011 „Summefeeling Popmusic vol.1 u. 3“ SNDMUSIC/Audiosparx
  • 2011 „Pop International – Italo Vol 1“ SNDMUSIC/Audiosparx
  • 2011 „Summer in the City – Popmusic Vol.1 u. 4“ SNDMUSIC/Audiosparx
  • 2011 „Latin Pop Vocal 1 u. 3“ SNDMUSIC/Audiosparx
  • 2011 „Summer Dreams 2 u. 3“ SNDMUSIC/Audiosparx
  • 2011 „Fantasy Music 3“ SNDMUSIC/Audiosparx
  • 2011 „Easy Listening Male Voices 1“ SNDMUSIC/Audiosparx
  • 2011 „Family Music 3 2011“ SNDMUSIC/Audiosparx
  • 2011 „European Rock and Pop 2“ SNDMUSIC/Audiosparx
  • 2011 "Fantasy Music 4" SNDMUSIC/Audiosparx
  • 2012 „Summer Evening 2“ SNDMUSIC/Audiosparx
  • 2012 „Inspired by Shakira 2011“ SNDMUSIC/Audiosparx
  • 2014 "My Ballad" Wantreez Music
  • 2014 "Pop Band Music" Wantreez Music
  • 2015 "Vintage Plug 60: Session 66 - Pop, Rock, vol.5" SNDMUSIC
  • 2015 "Inspire by Shakira - The Best in Latin Pop" SNDMUSIC
  • 2016 "Summer & Pop Dance Ver.2" Wantreez Music
  • 2016 "Midnight Blue" Wantreez Music
  • 2017 "Gloomy European Song" Wantreez Music
  • 2017 "Chill Tourist Set" Wantreez Music
  • 2017 "Watching Stars Playlist" Wantreez Music
  • 2017 "New Work out Plan" Wantreez Music
  • 2017 "Afternoon Break" Wantreez Music
  • 2017 "Latin & Samba Club" Wantreez Music
  • 2017 "Good Music for You Vol.1" Wantreez Music
  • 2017 "Great Pop Music Vol.1" Wantreez Music
  • 2017 "Great Pop Music Vol.3" Wantreez Music
  • 2017 "No Genre Just Music Vol.1" Wantreez Music
  • 2017 "Boys n Girls Pop Vol.1" Wantreez Music
  • 2017 "Boys n Girls Pop Vol.2" Wantreez Music
  • 2017 "Late Night Pop" Wantreez Music
  • 2017 "Sadness & Pop Ballad" Wantreez Music
  • 2017 "Lovely Valentine's Day Pop" Wantreez Music
  • 2017 "Tus Mejores Días"


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