Lorenzo Coullaut Valera

Lorenzo Coullaut Valera (1876 1932) was a Spanish sculptor. Born in Marchena, he grew up in Nantes where his family had moved. He studied at the Livet Lyceum and returned to Spain in 1893. At Seville, he studied at the studios of Susillo and Agustí Querol Subirats.

With the support of his uncle, Juan Valera, whose bust he sculpted, Coullaut Valera participated in the National Exposition of Belles Artes in 1897, and received Honorable Mention. Much of the work of Coullaut Valera can be seen in public squares in cities across Spain, as well as in Latin America. He died in Madrid.

Federico Coullaut-Valera, his son, was also a sculptor who has designed public monuments.

Selected works

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