Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire

This is a list of people who have served as Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire. Since 1689, all Lords Lieutenant have also been Custos Rotulorum of Oxfordshire.

NamePost-nominalsDate of appointmentEnd Date
The 1st Duke of SuffolkKG15451545
The 1st Marquess of NorthamptonKG15521553
Sir Richard Blount15591561
Sir Francis KnollysKG15651565
The 1st Baron NorreysKG17 September 158627 June 1601
Sir Francis KnollysKG12 September 158619 July 1596
The 1st Earl of BanburyKG, PC4 November 159625 May 1632
The 1st Earl of Berkshire26 March 16281642
The 1st Viscount Saye and Sele16421642
The 4th Viscount Falkland17 July 16602 April 1663
The 1st Earl of Clarendon19 June 166311 March 1668
The 2nd Viscount Saye and Sele11 March 166815 March 1674
The 1st Earl of Abingdon1 April 167421 November 1687
The 1st Earl of Lichfield5 December 16873 May 1689
The 1st Earl of Abingdon3 May 168915 May 1697
The 1st Baron WhartonPC15 May 169711 June 1702
The 2nd Earl of AbingdonPC11 June 17028 February 1706
The 1st Duke of MarlboroughKG, PC8 February 170617 May 1712
The 2nd Earl of AbingdonPC17 May 171214 October 1715
The 2nd Earl of GodolphinPC14 October 171526 January 1739
The 3rd Duke of MarlboroughKG, PC26 January 173920 October 1758
The 4th Duke of MarlboroughKG, PC, FRS21 March 176029 January 1817
The 4th Earl of MacclesfieldPC10 May 181720 March 1842
The 6th Duke of Marlborough22 April 18421 July 1857
The 7th Duke of MarlboroughKG, PC25 August 18574 July 1883
Sir Henry Dashwood, 5th Baronet17 August 188323 June 1887
The 7th Earl of JerseyGCB, GCMG, PC, JP23 June 188731 May 1915
The 9th Duke of MarlboroughKG, TD, PC3 August 191530 June 1934
The 1st Baron BicesterKG, TD, PC15 August 193426 November 1954
The 7th Earl of Macclesfield26 November 195428 May 1963
Sir John ThomsonKBE, TD28 May 19632 January 1980
Sir Ashley Ponsonby, 2nd Baronet2 January 198020 March 1996[1]
Sir Hugo BrunnerKCVO, JP20 March 199631 August 2008[2]
Tim StevensonOBE31 August 2008Present[3]


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