Lophius vomerinus

Lophius vomerinus, commonly known as devil anglerfish or cape monk, is a species of anglerfish in the family Lophiidae. It was described by Achille Valenciennes in 1837. The species is known from Durban, South Africa as well as northern Namibia where it is found in Indian and Atlantic Oceans on the depths of 150–400 metres (490–1,310 ft).[1] Sightings of it have also been recorded on Cape of Good Hope.[2] The common length is 50 centimetres (20 in) but can be as big as a 100 centimetres (39 in).[3] It is similar to L. piscatorius but has different morphology.[4]

Lophius vomerinus
Scientific classification
L. vomerinus
Binomial name
Lophius vomerinus
  • Lophius upsicephalus Smith, 1841


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