Loose Shoes

Loose Shoes (also known as Coming Attractions and Quackers) is a 1980 comedy film directed by Ira Miller and featuring Bill Murray. The film is presented as a series of movie trailers with titles such as The Howard Huge Story, Skate-boarders from Hell and The Invasion of the Penis Snatchers. The film was shot around 1977 and only released years later in 1980, probably to capitalize on Bill Murray's success as a box office film star.

Loose Shoes
Theatrical release poster
Directed byIra Miller
Produced byJoel Chernoff
Written byRoyce D. Applegate
Ira Miller
Dan Praiser
Charley Smith
StarringRoyce D. Applegate
Bill Murray
Lewis Arquette
Howard Hesseman
Music byMurphy Dunne
CinematographyJack Beckett
Edited byAlan Balsam
Danford B. Greene (sup)
Distributed byNational American Films
Release date
  • August 1, 1980 (1980-08-01)
Running time
84 mins
CountryUnited States

The title Loose Shoes is taken from a 1940s-, Cab Calloway-style song-and-dance number in the film's final skit "Dark Town After Dark," which satirizes an infamous 1976 racist remark: "I'll tell you what the coloreds want. It's three things: first, a tight pussy; second, loose shoes; and third, a warm place to shit", made by Gerald Ford's then-Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz who was subsequently forced to resign.


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