Longmore House

Longmore House, formerly Longmore Hospital, on Salisbury Place, Newington, Edinburgh, is the headquarters of Historic Environment Scotland. The property is designated a Category B listed building.[1]

Longmore House
Historic Environment Scotland
Longmore House, the head office of Historic Environment Scotland.
Shown in Edinburgh
LocationEdinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Coordinates55.93739°N 3.17929°W / 55.93739; -3.17929
Care systemPublic NHS
ListsHospitals in Scotland


The hospital has its origins in a facility commissioned by the newly-formed Edinburgh Association for Incurables which opened in Salisbury Place in 1875.[2] The trustees decided to rebuild the facility, financed by a bequest from John Longmore and using a neoclassical design by John More Dick Peddie: the new building was completed in December 1880.[2] A new East Wing was opened by the Duke of York and Princess Mary in 1891 and the West Wing was completed in 1899.[2]

In 1903 the Edinburgh Association for Incurables received a royal charter and, after the Liberton Hospital opened in 1906, the two hospitals together became known as the Royal Edinburgh Hospital for Incurables.[3] The hospital joined the National Health Service in 1948.[3][4]

After services transferred to the Western General Hospital, the hospital closed in 1991.[2] The building was converted to offices for Historic Scotland in 1994 and, since 2015, has been occupied by its successor organisation, Historic Environment Scotland.[1]

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