Lola Montez (1918 film)

Lola Montez is a 1918 German silent historical film directed by Robert Heymann and starring Alfred Abel, Leopoldine Konstantin and Helga Lassen. It portrays the life of Lola Montez.[1] It was followed by a sequel in 1919 with a different actress playing the title role.

Lola Montez
Directed byRobert Heymann
Written byRobert Heymann
Adolf Paul (novel)
StarringAlfred Abel
Leopoldine Konstantin
Helga Lassen
CinematographyErnest Plhak
Release date
German intertitles

The film's art direction was by August Rinaldi.


  • Alfred Abel as Räuber - Madons, Karlistenführer
  • Leopoldine Konstantin as Lola Montez
  • Helga Lassen as Anita, Lolas Kammermädchen
  • Bodo Serp as Riccardo, Mitglied der Bande Madons
  • Inge Törnquist as Pepita, Lolas Kammermädchen
  • Ito Waghalter as Marquis de Bocheville, französischer Attaché
  • Hans Wassmann as Sir Eduards, englischer Gesandter - Attaché
  • Hugo Werner-Kahle as Don Espartero, Regent von Spanien
  • Maria Zelenka


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