Lofer Mountains

The Lofer Mountains[1][2][3][4] or Loferer Mountains[5][6] (German: Loferer Steinberge, lit. "Lofer Rock Mountains") are a mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps in the Eastern Alps of central Europe. They are located in Austria in the federal states of Tyrol and Salzburg. The Lofers are separated from the Leogang Mountains to the southeast by a 1,202 m high saddle known as the Römersattel.

Lofer Mountains
Loferer Steinberge panorama from Sankt Ulrich am Pillersee
Highest point
PeakGroßes Ochsenhorn
Elevation2,511 m above sea level (AA)
Location of the Loferer Steinberge within the Eastern Alps
StatesTyrol and Salzburg
Range coordinates47°32′00″N 12°39′00″E
Parent rangeNorthern Limestone Alps

Summits in the Lofer Mountains

  • Ulrichshorn 2,032 m above sea level (AA)
  • Großes Ochsenhorn 2,511 m above sea level (AA)
  • Mitterhorn (Großes Hinterhorn) 2,506 m above sea level (AA)
  • Großes Reifhorn 2,480 m above sea level (AA)
  • Breithorn 2,413 m above sea level (AA)
  • Großes Rothorn 2,409 m above sea level (AA)
  • Rothörnl 2,394 m above sea level (AA)
  • Geislhörner 2,291 m above sea level (AA)
  • Seehorn 2,155 m above sea level (AA)
  • Zwölferhörnl 2,104 m above sea level (AA)

Valley settlements

Neighbouring mountain ranges

The Lofer Mountains border on the following other mountain ranges in the Alps:



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