Lodoletta is a dramma lirico or lyric opera in three acts by Pietro Mascagni. The libretto is by Giovacchino Forzano, and is based on the novel Two Little Wooden Shoes by Marie Louise de la Ramée, (Ouida).

It was first performed at the Teatro Costanzi in Rome on 30 April 1917 with Rosina Storchio in the title role. The American premiere was on 12 January 1918 at the Metropolitan Opera, New York City, with Geraldine Farrar as Lodoletta and Enrico Caruso as Flammen.


Role Voice type Premiere Cast, 30 April 1917[1]
(Conductor: Pietro Mascagni )
Lodoletta soprano Rosina Storchio
La pazza contralto Cleofe Braghini
Maud soprano Luigia Pieroni
La vanard soprano Ida De Filippis
Flammen tenor Giuseppe Campioni
Giannotto baritone Enrico Molinari
Franz baritone Leone Paci
Antonio bass Augusto Dadò
A voice/a postman tenor Ettore Bonzi




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