Loch Treig

Loch Treig (Scottish Gaelic: Loch Trèig, meaning loch of death) is a 9 km freshwater loch situated in a steep-sided glen 20 km east of Fort William, in Lochaber, Highland, Scotland. While there are no roads alongside the loch, the West Highland Line follows its eastern bank.

Loch Treig
LocationHighland, Scotland
Coordinates56°50′N 4°44′W
Typefreshwater loch, natural, reservoir
Basin countriesUnited Kingdom

Since 1929 Loch Treig has been a reservoir, retained behind the Treig Dam, forming part of the Lochaber hydro-electric scheme, which required diversion of the West Highland Railway. The increase in water level following the construction of the dam submerged the small communities of Kinlochtreig and Creaguaineach at the loch's southern end, which had historically hosted locally important markets and had been the end point of cattle drovers' road.

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