Local Government Improvement and Development

Local Government Improvement and Development is one of the six bodies that form the Local Government Group overseen by the Local Government Association (LGA) in England and Wales. Its aim is to support improvement and innovation in local government by developing and sharing good practice through networking, online resources (see Knowledge below), and support from councillor and officer peers.

Brief History

The body was formed in 1998 as the Improvement and Development Agency for local government (I&DeA or IDeA for short) to work in partnership with all councils in England and Wales, to serve people and places better, to enhance the performance of the best local government authorities, accelerate the speed of improvement of the rest, and develop the sector as a whole. It was renamed to its current title in July 2010 along with other members of the Local Government Group as part of the latter's 'Getting Closer' initiative.


It is funded by a mix of money 'top-sliced' from local authorities' Revenue Support Grant (RSG) payments from the UK government, grant funding from UK government departments, and fee income from chargeable services.


The Improvement and Development Agency regularly collaborated with the public health National Support Teams until their closure in 2011.

Knowledge management

The Knowledge section of the LGID's website includes content on improvement issues, shares examples of good practice from councils across England and Wales, and provides information on the LGID’s range of tools and services. LGID Knowledge aims to stimulate and support self-sustaining improvement within local government.

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