Local Government Act 1976

The Local Government Act 1976 (Malay: Akta Kerajaan Tempatan 1976), is a Malaysian laws which enacted to revise and consolidate the laws relating to local government.

Local Government Act 1976
Parliament of Malaysia
CitationAct 171
Territorial extentThroughout Malaysia
Enacted byDewan Rakyat
Passed18 December 1975
Enacted byDewan Negara
Passed20 January 1976
Royal assent18 March 1976
Commenced25 March 1976
Effective[See Appendix]
Legislative history
Bill introduced in the Dewan RakyatLocal Government Bill 1975
Introduced byOng Kee Hui, Minister of Local Government and Housing
Second reading18 December 1975
Third reading18 December 1975
Bill introduced in the Dewan NegaraLocal Government Bill 1975
Introduced byOng Kee Hui, Minister of Local Government and Housing
First reading5 January 1976
Second reading19 January 1976
Third reading20 January 1976
Amended by
Malaysian Currency (Ringgit) Act 1975 [Act 160]
Local Government (Amendment) Act 1978 [Act A436]
Local Government (Amendment) Act 1983 [Act A564]
Fire Services Act 1988 [Act 341]
Local Government (Amendment) Act 1991 [Act A806]
Local Government (Amendment) Act 1993 [Act A865]
Local Government (Amendment) Act 2007 [Act A1131]
Related legislation
Town Boards Enactment of the F.M.S. [Cap. 137]
Town Boards Enactment of Johore [No. 118]
Town Boards Enactment of Trengganu [Cap. 64. 3/1955]
Municipal Enactment of Kelantan [No. 20 of 1938]
Municipal Ordinance of Straits Settlements [Cap. 133]
Local Councils Ordinance 1952
Local Government (Temporary Provisions) Act 1973 [Act 124]
Local government
Status: In force


WHEREAS it is expedient for the purpose only of ensuring uniformity of law and policy to make a law with respect to local government:


The Local Government Act 1976, in its current form (1 December 2012), consists of 16 Parts containing 166 sections and 2 schedules (including 7 amendments).

  • Part I: Preliminary
  • Part II: Administration of Local Authorities
  • Part III: Officers and Employees of Local Authorities
  • Part IV: Conduct of Business
  • Part V: General Financial Provisions
  • Part VI: Accounts and Audit
  • Part VII: Public Places
  • Part VIII: Pollution of Streams
  • Part IX: Food, Markets, Sanitation and Nuisances
  • Part X: Fire Services
  • Part XI: Burial Places, Crematoria and Exhumation
  • Part XII: Further Powers of Local Authority
  • Part XIII: By-Laws
  • Part XIV: Miscellaneous
  • Part XV: Rating and Valuation
  • Part XVI: Special Provisions
  • Schedules

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