Lobna Abdel Aziz

Lobna Abdel Aziz, aka Loubna Abd el Aziz or Lubna Abdel Aziz (Egyptian Arabic: لبنى عبد العزيز; born August 1, 1935) is an Egyptian actress.

Lobna Abdel Aziz
Aziz in the film Ana Horra (1959)
Loubna Abd el Aziz

(1935-08-01) August 1, 1935
OccupationActress, writer for Al-Ahram
Years active1957–present
Childrenmariam, sarah ismaiel barrada


In her early life she was married to the famous (Egyptian Arabic producer Ramses nageeb but they were divorced later. After that she married Dr Ismaiel Barrada, they have two daughters. Her husband died after more than 40 years of their marriage. loubna said that her life has stopped after the death of her husband. Her father was a known Egyptian author (Hamed Abdel Aziz).

Early life

She was in a school called Saint Mary school. When she was 9 she was making an Egyptian radio program called Little Lolo (lolo el shoghyara) and till now she is making the same program but its name has changed from Little Lolo to Aunty Lolo (taute loulo). When she was 15 she joined the American University in Cairo although her family refused that but she was very determined. She was very clever at her university so they decided to give her scholarship in Cambridge.

Selected filmography

  • Yacoubian Building (2007)
  • Edrab al shahatin (1967)
  • Al Moukhareboun (1967)
  • El Eib (1967)
  • Slalom (1965) (as Loubna D. Aziz)
  • Ressalah min emraa maghoula (1963)
  • Ah min hawaa (1962)
  • Wa Islamah (1962) (as Lubna Abd el Aziz)
  • Gharam el assiad (1961)
  • Ana Horra (1959)
  • El Wessada el khalia (1957)
  • gedo habibi (2011)
  • sokar hanem play


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