Live from Golgotha: The Gospel According to Gore Vidal

Live from Golgotha: The Gospel according to Gore Vidal is a novel by Gore Vidal, an irreverent spoof of the New Testament. Told from the perspective of Saint Timothy as he travels with Saint Paul, the 1992 novel shifts in time as Timothy and Paul combat a mysterious hacker from the future who is deleting all traces of Christianity.

Live from Golgotha
Cover of the first edition
AuthorGore Vidal
PublisherRandom House
Publication date
September 1, 1992
Media typePrint

In Vidal's memoir, Point to Point Navigation, he says that the book was originally titled Live from Golgotha and that the subtitle, "The Gospel According to Gore Vidal", was added by the book cover's designer without Vidal's permission.[1]


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