Live at the Odeon Hammersmith London

Live at the Odeon Hammersmith London is the title of a 1991 comedy album release and a videotaped performance by Billy Connolly. It was recorded and filmed during several of Connolly's performances at the Odeon Hammersmith theatre in London, England, in June 1991 and released in the fall of that year. The album was released by Virgin Records and produced by Stuart Epps.

Live at the Odeon Hammersmith London
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LabelVirgin Records
ProducerStuart Epps
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Connolly combines observations of current political situations with remembrances of his own childhood during the performance. In the introduction to the CD, Billy refers to Carol Thatcher, who had recently walked out of one of his shows, commenting that it was a pity her brother Mark had not driven her home, referring to how he (Mark) had got lost during the Paris-Dakar Rally in 1982.

Other moments from this show include his recounting of a disastrous, diarrhea-and-sunburn-ridden holiday to Ibiza, a school trip to go swimming in the North Sea, and his discussion of the then-current issue regarding pit bulls.

The video version of the performance is longer and includes a number of routines and segments omitted from the album due to their visual nature.

Track listing

Note: although listed as tracks on the CD, the CD does not actually have track breaks.

  1. Doomsday
  2. Parliament
  3. Pit Bulls
  4. Sheep Dogs
  5. Doggy Sex
  6. Multiple Orgasms
  7. Longevity of Sex
  8. Algebra
  9. Chatting Up Women
  10. Crimpolene Suits
  11. Underpants
  12. Tweed Trousers
  13. Scottish Holidays
  14. Don't Drink the Water
  15. Sunny Spain
  16. Fresh Air Fortnight
  17. Army Beds
  18. Swimming in the North Sea
  19. Sumo Wrestlers
  20. We Don't Belong in There
  21. I Laughed
  22. It Goes Away


  • Video director: Nobby Clark
  • Producer: Stuart Epps
  • Editor: Paul Naisbitt
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