Little White Dove

Little White Dove (Spanish: Palomita blanca) is a 1973 Chilean dramedy film directed by Raúl Ruiz. It is loosely based on the bestselling 1971 novel Palomita Blanca by Enrique Lafourcade. As a result of the 1973 Chilean coup d'état and military dictatorship (1973–1990), the film was presumed lost for many years and not released until 1992.[1]

Little White Dove
Film poster
Directed byRaúl Ruiz
Written byEnrique Lafourcade
StarringBeatriz Lapido
Music byLos Jaivas
CinematographySilvio Caiozzi
Edited byCarlos Piaggio
Release date
  • 6 November 1992 (1992-11-06)
Running time
125 minutes


  • Beatriz Lapido as María
  • Rodrigo Ureta as Juan Carlos
  • Bélgica Castro as María's godmother
  • Luis Alarcón as María's stepfather
  • Manuel Aranguiz
  • Maria Castiglione as María's mother
  • Mónica Echeverría as Juan Carlos' mother
  • Marcial Edwards as Cristián, Juan Carlos' brother
  • Felisa González as Telma
  • Javier Maldonado
  • Rodrigo Maturana as María's schoolteacher
  • Waldo Rojas

Further reading

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