Lisy Nos railway station

Lisy Nos railway station (Russian: Ста́нция Ли́сий нос), Fox Nose is a railway station in Lisy Nos, St. Petersburg, Russia. At the time of opening, in 1894, it was called Razdelnaya.

Lisy Nos Russian: Лисий Нос
Commuter service passenger and cargo station
Razdelnaya railway station in 1900s
Line(s)Saint Petersburg Finlyandsky - Beloostrov through Sestroretsk
Platforms1 island now - 1 side
ConnectionsHistorical Primorskaya line

It was built by the Joint-stock company of the Prinorskaya St.-Peterburg-Sestroretsk railway and opened, as part of the Primorskaya line on 31 October 1894, under the name Razdelnaya.

Old Lisy Nos station

At the time of opening, Razdelnaya was connected by a branch line to the old Lisy Nos station which was on a landing stage on Kronstadt Bay.[1] When old Lisy Nos station closed in 1928, Razdelnaya was renamed as Lisy Nos.


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Primorskaya line in November 1894
Primorskaya line in 1894 - 1900
toward Sestroretsk
TerminusLateral branch of a Primorskaya line

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