Lisy Nos, before 1928

Lisy Nos (Russian: Ли́сий нос), was a railway station in Lisy Nos, Saint Petersburg, Russia. The station was on a wooden landing stage on the bank of the Gulf of Finland.

Lisy Nos Russian: Лисий нос
regional rail
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Coordinates60°0′37″N 29°27′51″E
Line(s)Primorskaya line
Structure typeat-grade

The station opened on October 31, 1894, when it was constructed on a branch line from Razdelnaya station.[1]

A steam locomotive with two or three carriages brought passengers along the branch line from Razdelnaya station. A passenger ferry from Lisy Nos to Kronstadt connected with the trains.[2]


The old Lisy Nos station closed in 1928 and Razdelnaya station was renamed as Lisy Nos.


Near to the station there was a wooden building forming the ancient orthodox church of St Alexander Nevsky.


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