Listen to My Song

Listen to My Song (Spanish: Escucha mi canción) is a 1959 Spanish musical film directed by Antonio del Amo and starring Joselito, Luz Márquez and Jesús Tordesillas.[1]

Listen to My Song
Directed byAntonio del Amo
Produced byCesáreo González
Written byEmilio Canda
José Manuel Iglesias
Antonio del Amo
Luz Márquez
Jesús Tordesillas
Music byAugusto Algueró
Cesare A. Bixio
Genaro Monreal
Antonio Segovia
CinematographyJuan Mariné
Edited byPetra de Nieva
Cesáreo González Producciones Cinematográficas
Suevia Films
Distributed bySuevia Films
Release date
2 November 1959
Running time
84 minutes

The film's sets were designed by Sigfrido Burmann.


A poor boy with a great voice get on a television show. His real mother watches him and deeply knows that he is her son; then, there is a happy ending.


  • Joselito as Himself
  • Luz Márquez as Marta, madre de Joselito
  • Jesús Tordesillas as Marqués de Alvar, abuelo de Joselito
  • Barta Barri as Isabel
  • Pilar Sanclemente as Lucinda
  • Carlos Miguel Solá
  • Salvador Soler Marí
  • Dolores Villaespesa
  • Ismael Elma
  • Antonio Fernández
  • Amalia Sánchez Ariño
  • Mariano Alcón
  • Domingo Rivas
  • Pedro Rodríguez de Quevedo
  • Gastón
  • Kuki
  • Ana Sliska
  • Felixin Yuste
  • Amparo Amador
  • Juan Romero (actor)
  • Laurette Marlu
  • Luis Solares
  • Carmen Pérez Gallo
  • Jesús Álvarez (actor)
  • Mariano Medina
  • Mario Berriatúa


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