List of works for the stage by Kurt Weill

This is a complete list of the stage works of the German, and later American, composer Kurt Weill (1900–1950).

TitleGenreSub­divisionsLibrettoPremière datePlace, theatre
Zrinyopera after a tragedy by Theodor Körnercomposed 1916, but lost 
Ninon von Lenclosopera based on a drama by Ernst Hardtcomposed 1920, but lost 
Zaubernachtballet with song1 actWladimir Boritsch18 November 1922Berlin, Theater am Kurfürstendamm
Der Protagonistopera1 actGeorg Kaiser27 March 1926Dresden, Staatsoper
Royal Palace, Op. 17opera1 actYvan Goll2 March 1927Berlin, Krolloper
Na und?  Felix Joachimsoncomposed 1926–1927, but unperformed and lost 
Mahagonny-SongspielSongspiel3 actsBertolt Brecht17 July 1927Baden-Baden, Kurhaus
Der Zar lässt sich photographierenopera buffa1 actGeorg Kaiser18 February 1928Leipzig, Neues Theater
Die Dreigroschenoper
(The Threepenny Opera)
play with musicprologue and
8 scenes
Bertolt Brecht, after The Beggar's Opera by John Gay31 August 1928Berlin, Theater am Schiffbauerdamm
Happy Endcomedy with music3 actsElisabeth Hauptmann and Bertolt Brecht2 September 1929Berlin, Theater am Schiffbauerdamm
Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonnyopera3 actsBertolt Brecht9 March 1930Leipzig, Neues Theater
Der JasagerSchuloper2 actsBertolt Brecht, after Elisabeth Hauptmann's translation from Arthur Waley's English version of the Japanese No drama Taniko23 June 1930Berlin
Die Bürgschaftoperaprologue and
3 acts
Caspar Neher, after Johann Gottfried Herder's parable Der afrikanische Rechtspruch10 March 1932Berlin, Städtische Oper
Die sieben Todsündenballet chanté8 partsBertolt Brecht7 June 1933Paris, Théâtre des Champs-Élysées
Der Silberseeplay with music3 actsGeorg Kaiser18 February 1933Leipzig, Altes Theater & Stadttheater Magdeburg & Theater Erfurt
Marie Galanteplay with music2 actsJacques Deval22 December 1934Paris, Théâtre de Paris
Der Kuhhandeloperetta2 actsRobert Vamberycomposed 1934 but not performed until: 22 March 1990Düsseldorf (in concert)
A Kingdom for a Cow (revision of Der Kuhhandel)musical play3 actsReginald Arkell and D Carter 28 June 1935London, Savoy Theatre
Der Weg der Verheissungbiblical drama4 actsFranz Werfelcomposed 1934-1935, but unperformed until: 13 June 1999Chemnitz, Theater Chemnitz
Johnny Johnsonmusical play3 actsPaul Green19 November 1936New York, 44th Street Theatre
The Eternal Road (revision of Der Weg der Verheissung)biblical drama4 actsFranz Werfel7 January 1937New York City, Manhattan Opera House
Knickerbocker Holidaymusical comedy2 actsMaxwell Anderson26 September 1938Hartford, Connecticut
Davy Crockettmusical play2 actsH R Hayscomposed 1938, but unfinished 
Railroads on Parade (A Fantasy on Rail Transport)circus opera  Edward Hungerford30 April 1939New York World's Fair
Ulysses Africanusmusical play2 actsMaxwell Andersoncomposed 1939, but unfinishedmaterial later used in Lost in the Stars
Lady in the Darkmusical play2 actsMoss Hart and Ira Gershwin23 January 1941New York, Alvin Theatre
One Touch of Venusmusical comedy2 actsOgden Nash7 October 1943New York, Imperial Theatre
The Firebrand of Florenceoperetta2 actsIra Gershwin22 March 1944New York, Alvin Theatre
Street SceneAmerican opera2 actsElmer Rice and Langston Hughes9 January 1947New York, Adelphi Theatre
Down in the Valleyfolk opera1 actArnold Sundgaard15 July 1948Bloomington, Indiana University
Love Lifevaudeville2 partsAlan Jay Lerner7 October 1948New York, 46th Street Theatre
Lost in the Starsmusical tragedy2 actsMaxwell Anderson30 October 1949New York, Music Box Theatre
Huckleberry Finnmusical2 actsMaxwell Anderson after Mark Twaincomposed 1950, but unfinished 


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