List of windmills in Massachusetts

This is a list of traditional windmills in the American state of Massachusetts.


Location Name of mill
and coordinates
Type Built Notes Photograph
Barnstable 1687
Barnstable 1785
Beverly Chipman's Tannery Vertical axis mill 1795
Bourne Joe Jefferson's Mill[1] Smock 1889 Moved within Bourne, 1971
Bourne Aptucxet Trading Post Museum Mill[1] Smock 1971 Windmill World
Boston Copp's Mill 1632 Standing 1659
Boston Copp's Hill Mill Smock Moved to Salem, 1773
Boston Windmill Point 1636
Boston Windmill Point (2nd mill) 1650
Boston Windmill Point (3rd mill) 1650 1822
Boston Windmill Point (4th mill) 1650 1824
Boston Windmill Point (5th mill?) Tower 1833
Boston Widow Tuthill's Mill 1642
Boston South Mill 1643 1644
Boston Windmill Hill 1636
Brewster Ellis Landing Road Mill Smock 1795 Moved within Brewster unknown date
Brewster Smock 1845 Moved within Brewster 1890
Brewster Smock 1890 Moved within Brewster 1974
Brewster Old Higgins Farm Mill
41°45′08″N 70°07′16″W
Smock 1974 Windmill World
Brewster Golf course Windmill World
Brockton 1781
Brockton West Falmouth Mill Smock 1922 Burned down, unknown date
Buzzards Bay Beach House Mill Smock Windmill World
Cataumet Red Brook Mill Smock 1853 Moved within Cataumet 1850s
Cataumet Red Brook Mill Smock 1850s Moved within Cataumet 1905
Cataumet Red Brook Mill Smock 1905
Cataumet Rothery Mill Smock 1900
Cataumet Rothery Mill (2nd mill) Smock Early 1900s
Chatham Chatham Mill
41°40′34″N 69°57′33″W
1797 Windmill World
Chatham Smock 1820 Moved within Chatham 1911
Chatham Sur Mer Mill Smock 1911 Windmill World
Chatham Chatham Bars Inn Mill Smock c. 1730 Moved to South Orleans 1830
Chatham Benjamin Godfrey Mill, Mill Hill Smock 1797 Moved within Chatham 1956
Chatham Benjamin Godfrey Mill Smock 1956
Chatham Dolphin Inn Mill[1] Smock 1980s
Chatham Robert Horne Mill Smock 1920s
Chilmark Elmer Bliss Mill Smock 1938
Dennis Uncle Rufus Howes' Mill
South Mill
Late 18th century Demolished 1874
Dennis Port Reuben Burgess Mill Smock Burned down unknown date, gone by 1885.
East Dennis Hatsel Kelly Mill 1775 Struck by lightning and burnt down 1869.
Eastham 1660
Eastham Kaskaogansett Mill 1682
Eastham Eastham Mill Smock 1793 Moved within Eastham, 1808
Eastham Eastham Mill Smock 1808 Windmill World
East Orleans Old Mill Smock 1800 Moved to Sandwich 1819
Edgartown Town Mill
Edgartown (three other mills)
Fairhaven Macomber Mill Smock 1821 Moved to Cataumet 1853
Falmouth Old Emmon's Estate Mill Windmill World
Fall River Smock Moved from Warren, Rhode Island. Moved to Portsmouth, Rhode Island at unknown date.
Fall River smock Moved from Bristol, Rhode Island. Moved to Tiverton, Rhode Island at unknown date.
Fall River Littlefield Mill Smock 1815 Moved to Block Island, Rhode Island, unknown date. Gone by 1877
Harwichport SW side of South St Smock 1792 Moved to NE side of South St at unknown date
Harwichport NE side of South St Smock Moved to Wychmere Harbor 1890s
Harwichport Wychmere Harbor (north site) Smock 1890s Moved within Wychmere Harbor 1900s
Harwichport Wychmere Harbour (south site) Smock 1900s Moved a short distance (50 feet (15 m)) early 1940s
Harwichport John Smith Mill Smock Early 1940s
Hyannisport Jonathan Young Mill Smock 1897 Moved to Orleans 1983
Windmill World
Hyannisport Landmark House Mill[1][2] Smock 1911
Hyannisport Wright Mill[1] Smock c. 1900
Ipswich Windmill Hill Mill 1667
Marblehead Rhodes Hill Mill 1678 1681
Marblehead Saltworks (two mills) 1804 One blown down October 1804
Marblehead Goodwin Mill 1819
Marstons Mills Cape Cod Airfield Mill[1] Smock 1950s
Martha's Vineyard Lothrop Merry's Mill
Tisbury Mill
Smock 1815 Moved within Martha's Vineyard 1842
Martha's Vineyard Lothrop Merry's Mill
Tisbury Mill
Smock 1842 Moved with Martha's Vineyard 1888
Martha's Vineyard Lothrop Merry's Mill
Tisbury Mill
Smock 1888
Martha's Vineyard Timothy Chase Mill 18th century Collapsed 1818
Martha's Vineyard Tailer Mill Post 1985 Moved to Etzikom, Alberta, Canada 1995.[3]
Nantucket Frederick Macy Mill, Mill Hill Post 1723 Demolished 7 December 1837
Nantucket Mill Hill (2nd mill) Post 1810
Nantucket Mill Hill (3rd mill) Post 1810
Nantucket Mill Hill (4th mill) Post 1810
Nantucket The Old Mill Smock 1746[4] Nantucket Historical Association
Newbury 1703 1774
Newbury Saltworks c. 1784
Orleans Jonathan Young Mill Smock 1839 Moved to Hyannisport 1897.
Windmill World
Orleans Jonathan Young Mill Smock 1983 Windmill World
Osterville Le Petit Moulin[1] Smock 1950s
Osterville Oyster Harbours Mill[1] Smock 1925
Plymouth Plimoth Mill Smock 1680 Moved to Truro, 1770
Provincetown Salt works (six mills) Windmill World
Sagamore Christmas Tree Shop Mill Smock 1983 At the eastern base of the Sagamore Bridge and attached to the Christmas Tree Shop
Salem near the burial ground 1637
Salem 1733 1771
Salem East Street Bark Mill 1794ref name=New/>
Sandwich Heritage Plantation Mill Smock Windmill World
Sandwich Old Mill Smock 1819 Moved within Sandwich 1957
Sandwich Old Mill Smock 1957
South Chatham Seth Bearse Mill c. 1850
South Dartmouth Chase Mill Smock 1924
South Dennis Smock 1791[5] Moved to West Dennis
South Orleans Captain Arey's Mill Smock 1830 Moved within South Orleans 1870
South Orleans Center Mill
Captain Arey's Mill
Smock 1830 Moved to Cataumet 1900
South Orleans East Mill
South Orleans Kenrick's Hill Smock Mid-18th century Moved to Orleans 1839
South Yarmouth Farris Mill Smock 1750s Moved to Indian Town 1782
South Yarmouth Judah Baker Mill Smock 1866[5] Moved within South Yarmouth, 1875
South Yarmouth Judah Baker Mill Smock 1875 Moved within South Yarmouth 1916
South Yarmouth Judah Baker Mill Smock 1916 Moved to Yarmouth 1953
Swansea Potter's Mill Standing 1931
Truro near the Highland Light 1711
Truro Truro Mill Smock 1770 Moved to Eastham, 1793
Truro Castle Hill Mill Smock[6]
Truro Truro Highlands Mill Smock Early 19th century
Watertown Moved to Boston 1632
Wellfleet David Baker Mill
Wellfleet Thomas Higgins Mill
Wellfleet Freeman's Mill
Wellfleet Samuel Chipman's Mill
Wellfleet Ryder Mill Smock 1838 Moved within Wellfleet 1870
Wellfleet Morning Glory Mill Smock 1870
Wellfleet Wellfleet Harbor[1] 1978
West Dennis Kelley's Pond Mill Smock Moved to South Yarmouth 1866
West Falmouth Bowerman Mill Smock 1787 Moved to Brockton, 1922
West Harwich Smock Moved to Cataumet early 1900s
West Harwich The Windmill House Mill[1] Smock 1920s
West Yarmouth Farris Mill Smock 1782 Moved to Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan 1935
Yarmouth Sautucket Mill 1661
Yarmouth c. 1687
Yarmouth Judah Baker Mill Smock 1953 Windmill World
Yarmouth 1766 Moved to East Dennis 1775
unknown location (north side of Cape Cod) Smock Mid-17th century Moved to South Yarmouth 1750s


Known building dates are in bold text. Non-bold text denotes first known date. Iron windpumps are outside the scope of this list unless listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


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