List of volcanoes in Syria

This is a list of active and extinct volcanoes in Syria.

NameElevationLocationLast eruption
Al-Safa979321233.03°N 37.2°E / 33.03; 37.21850 AD ± 10 yrs.
Golan Heights1197392733°N 36°EHolocene
Jabal ad Druze1803591532.7°N 36.7°E / 32.7; 36.7Holocene
Sharat Kovakab534175236.54°N 40.86°E / 36.54; 40.86Holocene
Jabal Abu-Rgheile [1]945310033°N 36.5°E / 33; 36.52670 BC ± 200 years
UnnamedN/AN/ANear Kilis, Turkey, which is at 36.7°N 37.1°E / 36.7; 37.11222 AD


  1. , In this Google Map image, The volcano Shahba located at the South-East of the lava field, and the lava field seems to begin from here. Shahba volcano elevation is 1000+ meters and the unnamed lava field average elevation is 700+ meters (from Google Earth). This give rise to a hypothesis that this "Unnamed" lava field is originating from Shahba volcano. Moreover, The "Unnamed" lava field is basaltic, thus low in viscosity and can cover vast areas, far from its source.
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