List of tallest buildings and structures in the Paris region

The tallest structure in the City of Paris and the Île de France remains the Eiffel Tower in the 7th arrondissement, 300 meters high (or 324 m including the broadcasting antenna at its top), completed in 1889 as the gateway to the 1889 Paris Universal Exposition. The tallest building in the Paris region is the Tour First, at 231 meters, located in La Defense. It is tied for ninth place among the Tallest buildings in the European Union. The tallest building within the city limits of Paris is the Tour Montparnasse, 210 meters high.

The Paris region has two of the tallest twenty-five building in the European Union; the Tour First and the Tour Montparnasse. As of 2018, there are 18 skyscrapers that reach a roof height of at least 150 metres (490 ft).

Most of the Paris region's high-rise buildings are located in three distinct areas:

Other high-rise buildings are scattered throughout the Paris area, mainly in close proximity to the Périphérique freeway. These include Les Mercuriales in Bagnolet, the Tour Pleyel in Saint-Denis, and the Hôtel Hyatt Regency Paris Étoile in the city proper (near the Porte Maillot).

However the tallest tower is built within central Paris: the iconic Eiffel Tower standing alongside the Seine River at the heart of the 7th arrondissement. Built in 1889, it was the first man-made structure in the world to exceed 1,000 feet.

This list ranks the Paris area buildings and structures that stand at least 100 meters tall.[1] Existing structures are included for ranking purposes based on present height.

Rank Name Built Use Height
Levels District Commune
1Eiffel Tower1889Telecommunications and observations tower32410621067th arr.Paris
2Tour First1974 / 2011office23175850La DéfenseCourbevoie
3Tour Montparnasse1973office2106895915th arr.Paris
4Tour Majunga2014office19463645La DéfensePuteaux
5Tour Total1985office18761448La DéfenseCourbevoie
6Tour GDF SUEZ2008office18560738La DéfenseCourbevoie
7Tour Areva1974office18460444La DéfenseCourbevoie
8Tour Granite (Société Générale)2008office18360037La DéfenseNanterre
9Tour CB211974office17958744La DéfenseCourbevoie
10Tour D22014office17157437La DéfenseCourbevoie
11Tour Alicante (Société Générale)1995office16754837La DéfenseNanterre
12Tour Chassagne (Société Générale)1995office16754837La DéfenseNanterre
13Tour Carpe Diem2013office16653132La DéfenseCourbevoie
14Tour EDF2001office16554141La DéfensePuteaux
15Cœur Défense2001office16152840La DéfenseCourbevoie
16Tribunal de grande instance2018courthouse1605254017th arr.Paris
17Tour Adria (Technip)2002office15550940La DéfenseCourbevoie
18Tour Égée (Ernst&Young)1999office15550940La DéfenseCourbevoie
19Tour Ariane1975office15249936La DéfensePuteaux
20Tour Pleyel1972mixed14346937Carrefour PleyelSaint-Denis
21Tour Dexia2005office14246636La DéfenseCourbevoie
22Hyatt Regency Paris Étoile1974hotel137 (190—antenna)4493317th arr.Paris
23Tour Défense 20001974residential13644646La DéfensePuteaux
24Tour Europlaza1995office13544331La DéfenseCourbevoie
25Tour Eqho1988office13042740La DéfenseCourbevoie
26Tour Les Poissons1970mixed12842042La DéfenseCourbevoie
27Tour France1973residential12641340La DéfensePuteaux
28Tour La Villette1974office12541035Porte d'AubervilliersAubervilliers
29Tour Prélude, Orgues de Flandre1979residential1234043919th arr.Paris
30Tour Levant, les Mercuriales1975office12240033Porte de BagnoletBagnolet
31Tour Ponant, les Mercuriales1975office12240033Porte de BagnoletBagnolet
32Tour Franklin1972office12039433La DéfensePuteaux
33Tour Sequoia (Bull, Cegetel, SFR)1990office11939033La DéfensePuteaux
34Tour W1973office11939033La DéfensePuteaux
35Tour Total1985office11738434La DéfensePuteaux
36Tour CGI2003office11738432La DéfenseCourbevoie
37Pullman Paris Montparnasse Hotel1974hotel1163813114th arr.Paris
38Tour Super-Italie1973residential1133713813th arr.Paris
39Tour Neptune1972office11337128La DéfenseCourbevoie
40Préfecture des Hauts-de-Seine1974office11337125La DéfenseNanterre
41Grande Arche1989monument, office11036137La DéfensePuteaux
42Tour Manhattan1975office11036132La DéfenseCourbevoie
43Tour Giraldaresidential1103613620th arr.Paris
44Tour Aurore1970office11036129La DéfenseCourbevoie
45Tour Eve1975mixed10935836La DéfensePuteaux
46Tour Initiale1967office10935830La DéfensePuteaux
47Tour Fugue, Orgues de Flandre1972residential1083543519th arr.Paris
48Tour Nuage 1, Tours Aillaud1976residential10534439La DéfenseNanterre
49Tour Nuage 2, Tours Aillaud1976residential10534439La DéfenseNanterre
50Résidence Antoine et Cléopâtre, Italie 131970residential1043413713th arr.Paris
51Tour Gambetta1975residential10434137La DéfenseCourbevoie
52Tour Anvers, Les Olympiades [2]1974residential1043413613th arr.Paris
53Tour Athènes, Les Olympiades [3]1974residential1043413613th arr.Paris
54Tour Cortina, Les Olympiades [2]1970residential1043413413th arr.Paris
55Tour Helsinki, Les Olympiades [4]1974residential1043413613th arr.Paris
56Tour Londres, Les Olympiades [5]1974residential1043413613th arr.Paris
57Tour Mexico, Les Olympiades [6]1974residential1043413613th arr.Paris
58Tour Sapporo, Les Olympiades [7]1974residential1043413613th arr.Paris
59Tour Tokyo, Les Olympiades [8]1974residential1043413613th arr.Paris
60Tour Chéops, Italie 131970residential1033383513th arr.Paris
61Tour Mykérinos, Italie 131970residential1033383513th arr.Paris
62Tour Cèdre1998office10333826La DéfenseCourbevoie
63Tour Ancône, Italie 131970residential1023353513th arr.Paris
64Tour Bologne, Italie 131970residential1023353513th arr.Paris
65Tour Ferrare, Italie 131970residential1023353513th arr.Paris
66Tour Palerme, Italie 131970residential1023353513th arr.Paris
67Tour Ravenne, Italie 131970residential1023353513th arr.Paris
68Tour Cantate, Orgues de Flandre1979residential1013313019th arr.Paris
69Tour Opus121973office10032827La DéfensePuteaux
70Tour Athéna1984office10032825La DéfensePuteaux
71Novotel Paris Tour Eiffel, Front de Seine1976hotel1003283115th arr.Paris
72Tour Totem, Front de Seine1979residential1003283115th arr.Paris
73Tour Sequana2010office10032823Val de SeineIssy-les-Moulineaux
74Tour Les Terrasses Rodin1979residential10032829Issy-les-Moulineaux
75Tour Vendôme [9]1975office10032829Boulogne-Billancourt

Structures proposed, approved, or under construction

This is a list of structures that are either under construction or due to start construction soon. Structures are sorted by planned height. The Authority managing La Défense, the EPAD, has launched several contests for new towers in a large scale operation of renovation of the business district. The tallest towers are expected to exceed 300 m. Other proposed projects are currently being talked about in other municipalities of the inner suburbs such as Issy-les-Moulineaux, Boulogne-Billancourt or Saint-Denis.

Hermitage Plaza 1mixed-use3231,06085La DéfenseCourbevoieConstruction will begin in 2019
Hermitage Plaza 2mixed-use3231,06086La DéfenseCourbevoieConstruction will begin in 2019
The Link (gratte-ciel) office 244 800 52 La Défense Courbevoie approved
Tour Heklaoffice22072141La DéfensePuteauxunder construction
Tour Sisters mixed-use 220 721 55 La Défense Courbevoie approved
Tour Air²office20266343La DéfenseCourbevoieapproved
Tour Arena office 200 660 53 La Défense Nanterre approved
Triangleoffice1805914115th arr.Parisapproved
Tour Duooffice1805913913th arr.Parisunder construction
Tour Saint-Gobainoffice17858339La DéfenseCourbevoieunder construction
Tour Trinityoffice16754732La DéfensePuteauxunder construction
Tour Altooffice16052538La DéfenseCourbevoieunder construction
Tour Héliceoffice14547536Val de SeineIssy-les-Moulineauxapproved
Tour AVAoffice14246634La DéfenseCourbevoieproposed
Tour Fiducialoffice12741639La DéfenseCourbevoieproposed
Tour Duooffice1224002513th arr.Parisunder construction
Vinci Headquarteroffice10634824La DéfenseNanterreunder construction

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