List of supermarket chains in France

This is a list of supermarket chains in France

List of current French supermarket chains

NameStoresType of storeParent
Hyper U71HypermarketSystème U
Super U773SupermarketSystème U
Express U294DiscounterSystème U
Utile410SupermarketSystème U
Intermarché1 835Hypermarket/SupermarketLes Mousquetaires
Netto300SupermarketLes Mousquetaires
Leader Price796SupermarketGroupe Casino
Leader Price Express1 250SupermarketGroupe Casino
Géant Casino129HypermarketGroupe Casino
Casino447SupermarketGroupe Casino
Franprix827DiscounterGroupe Casino
Monoprix640HypermarketGroupe Casino
Vival1 773DiscounterGroupe Casino
Casino shop2 000+DiscounterGroupe Casino
Petit Casino1 231DiscounterGroupe Casino
SPAR864Supermarket/HypermarketGroupe Casino
Carrefour247HypermarketCarrefour Group
Carrefour1 509SupermarketCarrefour Group
Carrefour4 380DiscounterCarrefour Group
E. Leclerc660HypermarketE. Leclerc
Cora60HypermarketLouis Delhaize Group
Match117SupermarketLouis Delhaize Group
Lidl1500DiscounterSchwarz Gruppe
Norma70DiscounterNorma [1]
Colruyt75SupermarketColruyt Group
Metro Cash and Carry94HypermarketMetro AG

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