List of supermarket chains in Bulgaria

This is a list of supermarket chains in Bulgaria. The concept of supermarkets (and later hypermarkets) came to Bulgaria after 1989 and most supermarkets are made up of joint ventures between Bulgarian and foreign investors. Since 2000, there has been a strong growth in the number of supermarkets in the country, particularly in Sofia and other main urban areas.[1] For supermarkets worldwide, see List of supermarkets.

Supermarkets and hypermarkets

NameStoresType of storesFirst store in BulgariaParent
Kam Market 10[2]supermarket2017Kam Market
BILLA 122[3]supermarket2000REWE Group
CBA 136[4]supermarket2003CBA Kereskedelmi Kft.
Fantastico 41[5]supermarket1991Fantastico
Hit 2hypermarket2004HIT Handelsgruppe
Kaufland 58[6]hypermarket2006Schwarz Gruppe
Lidl 99[7]discount2010Schwarz Gruppe
METRO 11[8]cash & carry1999Metro Cash and Carry
ProMarket 22[9]supermarket2002ProMarket
T Market 74[10]supermarket2005Maxima Group
Triumf 11[11]supermarket2000Triumf

Former chains

NameStoresType of storesFirst store in BulgariaClosed/soldParent
Mercator 4[12]hypermarket20092013Mercator
Penny Market 49[13]discount20092015BILLA
Plus 23[14]discount20092010Plus
Ramstore 3[15]hypermarket20012007Migros Türk
Carrefour 21[16]discount20092016Carrefour

Home improvement, furniture and toys

NameStoresType of storesFirst store in BulgariaParent
CarpetMax 10[17]hypermarket1996CarpetMax
Bauhaus 1[18]hypermarket2012Bauhaus
HippoLand 29[19]retail2005HippoLand
HomeMax 8[20]hypermarket2014CarpetMax
IKEA 1hypermarket2011IKEA
Expert Doors 16[21]retail2016Expert Doors
Jumbo 10[22]hypermarket2007Jumbo S.A.
Jysk 30[23]retail2005Jysk
Mr. Bricolage 11[24]hypermarket2000Mr. Bricolage
Praktiker 11[25]hypermarket2004Technopolis
Praktis 7[26]hypermarket2002Praktis
Videnov 41[27]retail1990Videnov
Pepco 20[28]retail2019Pepco

Former chains

NameStoresType of storesFirst store in BulgariaClosed/soldParent

Consumer electronics

NameStoresType of storesFirst store in BulgariaParent
Technomarket 45[30]hypermarket1999Technomarket
Technopolis 33[31]hypermarket2001Technopolis
Techmart 12[32]hypermarket & retail2013Techmart
Zora 37[33]hypermarket & retail1991Zora

Former chains

NameStoresType of storesFirst store in BulgariaClosed/soldParent
DOMO 50+retail20062010Technomarket
Multirama 11retail20052012Germanos

Clothing, cosmetics, sport and healthcare

NameStoresType of storesFirst store in BulgariaParent
Bershka 7[34]retail-Inditex
Deichmann 21[35]retail2009Deichmann SE
Decathlon 5[36]hypermarket2013Decathlon Group
DM 78[37]retail2009DM
Lilly drogerie 80[38]retail2010Lilly drogerie
H&M 20[39]retail2012H&M
Massimo Dutti 5[34]retail-Inditex
NewYorker 12[40]retail2008NewYorker
Oysho 5[34]retail-Inditex
Peek & Cloppenburg 2[41]retail2010Peek & Cloppenburg
Pull & Bear 5[34]retail-Inditex
Sport Vision 12[42]retail2013Sport Vision
Stradivarius 5[34]retail-Inditex
Tempo 29[43]retail2003Tempo
Zara 7[34]retail-Inditex


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