List of submarine classes in service

The list of submarine classes in service includes all submarine classes currently in service with navies or other armed forces worldwide. For surface combatants, see the list of naval ship classes in service.

Ballistic missile submarines

ClassBuilderDisplacement TonnesOperatorIn ServiceBuiltUnder ConstructionComments
Arihant Class (Project ATV) India6,600 Indian Navy113
Borei-class (Project 955 Borey) Russia23,800 Russian Navy3441 outfitting [1]
Delta-class (Project 667BDR Kal'mar / 667BDRM Del'fin) Soviet Union /  Russia18,730 Russian Navy990Including 3 Delta III and 6 Delta IV
Jin-class (Type 094) People's Republic of China11,000 People's Liberation Army Navy442
Ohio-class (SSBN 726) United States18,450 United States Navy1418024 planned 6 cancelled
Sinpo-class submarine (Gorae/Pongdae) North Korea1,650~2,000 Korean People's Army Naval Force11
Triomphant-class France14,000 French Navy440
Typhoon-class (Project 941 Akula) Soviet Union /  Russia48,000 Russian Navy1602 in reserve
Vanguard-class United Kingdom15,680 Royal Navy440
Xia-class People's Republic of China7,000 People's Liberation Army Navy110

Guided missile submarines

Nuclear-powered attack submarines

Diesel-electric attack submarines

Non-nuclear submarines with air-independent propulsion

Midget submarines

Special mission submarines

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