List of sovereign states and dependent territories in Europe by GDP (PPP)

This is a list of European nations sorted by their Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the value of all final goods and services produced within a nation in a given year. The GDP dollar estimates presented here are derived from purchasing power parity (PPP) calculations for the latest years recorded in the CIA World Factbook. The list includes all members of the Council of Europe, Belarus and Kosovo. The figures provided are all quoted in US dollars.

Gross Domestic Product

                GDP (PPP) by country in 2017 (in billions of USD) [1]

  Supranational political and economic union
  Partially recognised state
  Dependent territory
RankCountryGDP (PPP)
billions of USD
- European Union$20,8502017 est.
1 Germany$4,1712017 est.
2 Russia$3,9782017 est.
3 United Kingdom$2,9142017 est.
4 France$2,8362017 est.
5 Italy$2,3112017 est.
6 Turkey$1,8512017 est.
7 Spain$1,7742017 est.
8 Poland$1,1212017 est.
9 Netherlands$916.12017 est.
10 Belgium$528.52017 est.
11 Sweden$520.92017 est.
12  Switzerland$517.22017 est.
13 Romania$481.52017 est.
14 Kazakhstan$477.62017 est.
15 Austria$439.62017 est.
16 Norway$380.02017 est.
17 Czech Republic$375.72017 est.
18 Ukraine$368.82017 est.
19 Ireland$357.22017 est.
20 Portugal$313.42017 est.
21 Greece$298.72017 est.
22 Hungary$289.02017 est.
23 Denmark$286.82017 est.
24 Finland$244.02017 est.
25 Slovakia$179.42017 est.
26 Belarus$178.92017 est.
27 Azerbaijan$171.82017 est.
28 Bulgaria$153.12017 est.
29 Serbia$105.52017 est.
30 Croatia$101.32017 est.
31 Lithuania$91.22017 est.
32 Slovenia$71.12017 est.
33 Luxembourg$62.72017 est.
34 Latvia$53.92017 est.
35 Bosnia and Herzegovina$44.62017 est.
36 Estonia$41.62017 est.
37 Georgia$39.72017 est.
38 Albania$36.02017 est.
39 Cyprus$31.62017 est.
40 North Macedonia$31.02017 est.
41 Armenia$28.32017 est.
42 Moldova$20.12017 est.
43 Kosovo$19.62017 est.
44 Malta$19.32017 est.
45 Iceland$17.72017 est.
46 Montenegro$10.12017 est.
47 Monaco$7.72015 est.
- Isle of Man$6.82015 est.
- Jersey$5.62016 est.
48 Liechtenstein$5.02014 est.
- Guernsey$3.52015 est.
49 Andorra$3.32015 est.
50 San Marino$2.12017 est.
- Gibraltar$2.02014 est.
- Faroe Islands$2.02014 est.
Total $26,700

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