List of solo piano compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

This is a list of solo piano pieces by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.[1]



Miscellaneous pieces

  1. Andante in C, K 1a
  2. Allegro in C, K 1b
  3. Allegro in F, K 1c
  4. Minuet in F, K 1d
  5. Minuet in G, K 1e
  6. Minuet in C, K 1f
  7. Minuet in F, K 2
  8. Allegro in B, K 3
  9. Minuet in F, K 4
  10. Minuet in F, K 5
  11. Allegro in C, K 5a
  12. Andante in B, K 5b


Other piano pieces

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