List of sofers

A List of sofers, (or the female soferet).

Alphabetic list

Sofer Time-period Notes
Ezra the Scribe 5th century B.C. Prophet and leader of the Jewish nation
Baruch ben Neriah 6th century B.C. Scribe for the Prophet Jeremiah
Aaron ben Moses ben Asher 10th century Tiberian scribe
Azaria Piccio 17th century Venice, Republic of Venice
Jekuthiel Sofer 18th century Amsterdam
Samuel Benjamin Sofer 19th century Pressburg, Hungary
Abraham Sternhartz Late 19th/early 20th century Ukraine
Mordechai Pinchas 20th and 21st centuries UK modern orthodox scribe
Aviel Barclay 20th and 21st centuries Canada, first certified soferet of modern times
Jen Taylor Friedman 20th and 21st centuries First Torah by a soferet of modern times
Julie Seltzer 20th and 21st centuries America, first Torah by an American soferet

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