List of shipwrecks in 1977

The list of shipwrecks in 1977 includes all ships sunk, foundered, grounded, or otherwise lost during 1977.

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Unknown date


3 January

List of shipwrecks: 3 January 1977
Salu  United States The shrimp-fishing vessel was swamped and sank in the Gulf of Alaska approximately 20 miles (32 km) south of Cape Chiniak (57°37′N 152°10′W) on Kodiak Island.[1]

13 January

List of shipwrecks: 13 January 1977
Ivan Sechenov  Soviet Union The cargo ship collided in foggy weather with Praktikolas Maris ( Liberia) in the Sea of Marmara, Turkey and sank with the loss of twenty-two crew.[2]
Turnu Severin  Romania The cargo ship collided in fog with Admiral Zmejavic ( Yugoslavia) and sank in the Dardanelles with the loss of fifteen crew.[2]

17 January

List of shipwrecks: 17 January 1977
Irenes Challenger  Liberia The oil tanker broke up in the Pacific Ocean with the loss of three crewmembers.[3]

20 January

List of shipwrecks: 20 January 1977
Ukola  Panama The Panamanian freighter Ukola broke in half and sank in the Gulf of Mexico during a gale while en route to Galveston, Texas from the Dominican Republic with a cargo of sugar. Only three of the ship's 23 crew members were rescued.[4]

23 January

List of shipwrecks: 23 January 1977
Lucona The cargo ship was sunk in the Indian Ocean by a time bomb planted as part of an insurance fraud scheme masterminded by Austrian businessman Udo Proksch. Six of the ship′s 12 crew members died.

25 January

List of shipwrecks: 25 January 1977
Bertram I  United States Adrift after losing power, the Alaska Department of Public Safety patrol boat sank in heavy seas in Portage Bay (57°00′N 133°20′W) in Southeast Alaska, 21 nautical miles (39 km; 24 mi) west of Petersburg, Alaska.[5]

Unknown date

List of shipwrecks: Unknown date 1977
Success Star  Panama Ran aground off Tumpat, Malaysia and abandoned.


2 February

List of shipwrecks: 2 February 1977
Vasso M.  Greece The cargo ship caught fire and sank in the Mediterranean Sea 2 nautical miles (2.3 miles; 3.7 km) off Borolos Lighthouse, Damietta, Egypt.

13 February

List of shipwrecks: 13 February 1977
Enfant du Bretagne  France The St Malo trawler was lost on Pednathise, within the Western Rocks, Isles of Scilly. The lifeboat came within hearing distance of the crew, but all drowned in the heavy seas before they could be brought aboard.[6]

14 February

List of shipwrecks: 14 February 1977
Internos  Panama Sprang a leak and sank 3 nautical miles (5.6 km) north of Gijon (44°20′N 05°50′W).[7]

17 February

List of shipwrecks: 17 February 1977
USS Stockham  United States Navy The decommissioned Fletcher-class destroyer was sunk as a target off the coast of Puerto Rico.

18 February

List of shipwrecks: 18 February 1977
Atlantic Duke  West Germany Ran aground 20 nautical miles (37 km) off Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom. All seven crew rescued.[8]

19 February

List of shipwrecks: 19 February 1977
Hongkong Surety  Republic of China Ran aground on the Angelica Shoal (7°46′S 122°17′E) and declared a constructive total loss.[7]

24 February

List of shipwrecks: 24 February 1977
Hawaiian Patriot  Liberia The oil tanker caught fire and sank in the Pacific Ocean west of Hawaii.[9]


1 March

List of shipwrecks: 1 March 1977
Viking Rover  United States The 180-ton motor vessel lost steerage 43 nautical miles (80 km) south of Cape Sarichef, Unimak Island, Alaska, became disabled, and sank without loss of life in 40-to-50-knot (74 to 93 km/h) winds and 16-foot (4.9 m) seas in the North Pacific Ocean near Rootok Island east of Dutch Harbor, Alaska, at 54°01.79′N 165°31.02′W. A United States Coast Guard helicopter based at Kodiak, Alaska, rescued her four-man crew.[10]

9 March

List of shipwrecks: 9 March 1977
Saint Peter  United States The 81-gross register ton, 62.6-foot (19.1 m) motor vessel sank in Orca Inlet off the coast of Alaska.[1]

27 March

List of shipwrecks: 27 March 1977
El Tambo  Panama The livestock carrier sank outside Fishguard Harbour, Wales.[11]


28 April

List of shipwrecks: 28 April 1977
USS Blue  United States Navy The decommissioned Allen M. Sumner-class destroyer was sunk as a target in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Southern California during a missile exercise.

Unknown date

List of shipwrecks: Unknown date April 1977
P-11  Ethiopian Navy The patrol boat was lost, with reports variously blaming the loss on a storm and on an attack by the Eritrean People's Liberation Front.[12]


4 May

List of shipwrecks: 4 May 1977
Foremost  United States The 166-gross register ton, 86.6-foot (26.4 m) crab-fishing vessel capsized and sank in the Bering Sea approximately 75 nautical miles (139 km; 86 mi) east-southeast of St. George Island in the direction of Cape Sarichef (54.5983°N 164.9222°W / 54.5983; -164.9222 (Cape Sarichef Light)) on Unimak Island in the Aleutian Islands. The fishing vessel Sea Venture ( United States) rescued her entire crew of five.[13]

6 May

List of shipwrecks: 6 May 1977
Ocean Beauty  United States The 44-foot (13.4 m) fishing vessel sank in the Gulf of Alaska south of Marmot Island in the Kodiak Archipelago.[14]

9 May

List of shipwrecks: 9 May 1977
Classic  Greece The tanker ran aground at Wilhelmshaven, West Germany.[15]

19 May

List of shipwrecks: 19 May 1977
Mar del Plata  United States The 156-gross register ton, 79.9-foot (24.4 m) shrimp-fishing vessel sank in the Shelikof Strait between the Kodiak Archipelago and the mainland of Alaska. The fishing vessel Heidi J ( United States) rescued her entire crew.[16]


1 June

List of shipwrecks: 1 June 1977
Rose  United States The tug sank while moored at Petersburg, Alaska. She later was abandoned on the beach at Kupreanof, Alaska.[17]
Seaspeed Dora  Greece The roll-on/roll-off ferry capsized and sank at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She was refloated on 17 September and towed to Gothenburg, Sweden for repairs. She re-entered service in 1978.[7]

3 June

List of shipwrecks: 3 June 1977
William Carson  Canada The passenger/vehicle icebreaker ferry sank off the coast of Labrador after striking heavy ice.

5 June

List of shipwrecks: 5 June 1977
Bijou  West Germany The coaster sank off Anglesey, Wales. All four crew were rescued.[18]

29 June

List of shipwrecks: 29 June 1977
Ahaliq  United States Bound for Kwigillingok, Alaska, carrying materials and equipment for the construction of a sewage treatment plant, the 187-gross register ton, 99.9-foot (30.4 m) tug/barge sank in heavy seas with the loss of her captain in Bristol Bay, 118 nautical miles (219 km; 136 mi) southwest of Dillingham, Alaska. The high endurance cutter USCGC Boutwell ( United States Coast Guard) rescued her survivors – four men and a border collie – from a life raft on 3 July.[19]

Unknown date

List of shipwrecks: Unknown date June 1977
USS Butternut  United States Navy The decommissioned netlayer was destroyed as a target.


11 July

List of shipwrecks: 11 July 1977
Pacific Surf  United States The 134-gross register ton fishing vessel sank in the Gulf of Alaska approximately 260 nautical miles (480 km; 300 mi) west of Cape Spencer, Alaska. Her crew of five abandoned ship in a life raft, where one died of a heart attack and was cast adrift. The oil tanker Overseas Chicago ( United States) rescued the four remaining survivors from the raft 65 nautical miles (120 km; 75 mi) south of Cordova, Alaska.[20]

22 July

List of shipwrecks: 22 July 1977
Rio Jobabo  Cuba The fishing vessel was sunk at El Callao Peru by an explosion.[21]

25 July

List of shipwrecks: 25 July 1977
Bristol  United States The fishing vessel was swamped and sank on Long Sands Bar (58°44′N 158°32′W) in Nushagak Bay off the coast of Alaska.[5]
Gaines Mill  United States The T2 tanker capsized at Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The wreck was scrapped in situ.[22]

29 July

List of shipwrecks: 29 July 1977
Oswego Tarmac  Panama The T2 tanker was struck by Elektra (flag unknown) at Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles and was severely damaged. Declared a constructive total loss, she was scrapped at Santander, Spain.[23][24]


16 August

List of shipwrecks: 16 August 1977
Fisher  United States The 8-gross register ton motor vessel was destroyed by fire in Southeast Alaska between Ketchikan, Alaska, and Tree Point (54°48′15″N 130°55′45″W).[13]

17 August

List of shipwrecks: 17 August 1977
Lira  Singapore The cargo ship exploded and caught fire. She sank the next day.[25]

22 August

List of shipwrecks: 22 August 1977
ex-USS Rowan  Republic of China Navy After transfer to the Republic of China Navy, the decommissioned Gearing-class destroyer ran aground while under tow from the United States to Taiwan and was declared a total loss.

30 August

List of shipwrecks: 30 August 1977
Quasar  United States The 7-gross register ton motor vessel was destroyed by fire in Stephens Passage in the Alexander Archipelago in Southeast Alaska 0.5 nautical miles (0.93 km; 0.58 mi) south of the Snettisham Rocks (57°57′30″N 133°52′00″W).[26]

31 August

List of shipwrecks: 31 August 1977
Unidentified fishing vessel  Vietnam The fishing vessel was sunk by Kampuchean Navy vessels.[27]


7 September

List of shipwrecks: 7 September 1977
Indian  United States While towing the riverboat tender Cowboy ( United States), the freezer boat – formerly a ferry of the Washington State Ferries fleet – was wrecked in bad weather on Egg Island in the Egg Islands on the south-central coast of Alaska south of Cordova. Cowboy rescued all nine members of her crew.[28]

25 September

List of shipwrecks: 25 September 1977
Gale  United States The 34-foot (10.4 m) vessel sank in Malina Bay (58°13′N 153°05′W) on the coast of Afognak Island in Alaska′s Kodiak Archipelago.[29]

Unknown date

List of shipwrecks: Unknown date 1977
Kerland  France The trawler sank off the Runnelstone, Cornwall, England, and was aided by the Isles of Scilly ferry Scillonian III.[30]


3 October

List of shipwrecks: 3 October 1977
Senneville  Canada The bulk carrier ran aground at Thunder Bay, Ontario. The ship was freed the next day, suffering damage to her ballast tank.[31]

11 October

List of shipwrecks: 11 October 1977
Chryssopigi Cross  Panama The ship ran aground 2 nautical miles (3.7 km) off Galle, Sri Lanka (6°01′N 80°11′E) and sank.[7]

12 October

List of shipwrecks: 12 October 1977
Louise  United States The 10-gross register ton, 28.4-foot (8.7 m) fishing vessel was wrecked in Bertha Bay (57°48′N 136°21′W) in Southeast Alaska.[32]

14 October

List of shipwrecks: 14 October 1977
Lula J  United States The 11-gross register ton, 36.2-foot (11.0 m) fishing vessel was lost in Bertha Bay (57°48′N 136°21′W) in Southeast Alaska.[32]
Wind Dance  United States The sailing vessel sank in Resurrection Bay off Seward, Alaska. The Alaska Marine Highway motor ferry Tustumena ( United States) rendered assistance to the people aboard Wind Dance.[33]

15 October

List of shipwrecks: 15 October 1977
Marmot Cape  United States The 27-gross register ton, 39.9-foot (12.2 m) fishing vessel capsized and sank with the loss of her captain in Astrolabe Bay (58°22′30″N 136°54′30″W) on the south-central coast of Alaska 14 nautical miles (26 km; 16 mi) west of Cape Spencer. A helicopter rescued the only other crewman aboard from the beach on 18 October.[16]

22 October

List of shipwrecks: 22 October 1977
U F 22  United States The 34-foot (10.4 m) fishing vessel and her two-man crew disappeared in the Gulf of Alaska. The fishing vessel Columbia ( United States) discovered the wreckage of U F 22 washed up on Aiaktalik Beach near the south end of Kodiak Island on 2 March 1978.[34]

23 October

List of shipwrecks: 23 October 1977
Carjie  United States The 31-foot (9.4 m) vessel was wrecked on rocks on the coast of Alaska.[35]

26 October

List of shipwrecks: 26 October 1977
Eagle  United States With two people – a man and a woman – aboard, the fishing vessel sank near Dundas Bay (58.3431°N 136.3404°W / 58.3431; -136.3404 (Dundas Bay)) in Icy Strait in the Alexander Archipelago in Southeast Alaska. The man perished. The woman drifted in a survival suit for eight to ten hours, reached shore, and walked 60 miles (97 km) before a United States Coast Guard helicopter rescued her.[36]


2 November

List of shipwrecks: 2 November 1977
Mineral Gent  Belgium Ran aground off Terneuzen, she was refloated and returned to service.[7]

6 November

List of shipwrecks: 6 November 1977
Piraeus II  Greece Caught fire and sank, Elusina, Greece

11 November

List of shipwrecks: 11 November 1977
Aristoteles  Liberia Ran aground at Sestrice Island (42°58′N 17°13′E) and declared a constructive total loss.[37]
Deepwater Bay  Liberia Explosion and fire while discharging cargo at Luanda, Angola. She was declared a constructive total loss and scrapped in June 1978.[37]
Dolphin  United States The 8- or 38-gross register ton, 41.6-foot (12.7 m) fishing vessel sank in Marmot Bay (58°00′N 152°06′W) on the coast of Alaska's Kodiak Island.[38]

16 November

List of shipwrecks: 16 November 1977
Union Crystal  Malaysia The coaster sank 20 nautical miles (37 km) off St Abbs Head, United Kingdom with the loss of five of her six crew.[39]

24 November

List of shipwrecks: 24 November 1977
Vaiatea unknown The auxiliary schooner sank in a lagoon near Papeete, Tahiti.[40]

25 November

List of shipwrecks: 25 November 1977
Newark  Liberia The cargo ship was wrecked at Tripoli, Libya.[41]

Unknown date

List of shipwrecks: Unknown date November 1977
Hero The roll-on/roll-off cargo ferry sank in the North Sea with the loss of one crew member when her stern door lost watertight integrity.


3 December

List of shipwrecks: 3 December 1977
Baron  United States The fishing vessel grounded and was lost in the Bering Sea off Cape Cheerful (54°00′50″N 166°40′20″W) on Unalaska Island in the Aleutian Islands. The Alaska State Trooper patrol vessel Vigilant ( United States) rescued the eight people – four men, three women, and an infant – on board.[5]

4 December

List of shipwrecks: 4 December 1977
Rainer  United States The fishing vessel grounded and was wrecked in the Bering Sea approximately 12 nautical miles (22 km; 14 mi) off Cape Cheerful (54°00′50″N 166°40′20″W) on Unalaska Island in the Aleutian Islands.[17]

6 December

List of shipwrecks: 6 December 1977
Empire Rosa  United Kingdom Ran aground at Luce Bay, Galloway, became a constructive total loss and later scrapped.

7 December

List of shipwrecks: 7 December 1977
Boston Sea Ranger  United Kingdom A Lowestoft trawler foundered off Gwennap Head, Cornwall during a southerly gale.[42]

20 December

List of shipwrecks: 20 December 1977
Emmanuel C  Greece Ran aground on the Île d'Orléans, Quebec, Canada, refloated but declared damaged beyond economical repair and Scrapped in October 1978.[7]

25 December

List of shipwrecks: 25 December 1977
Lady Camilla  Denmark The coaster sank off Cornwall, United Kingdom with loss of life including two children.[43]

27 December

List of shipwrecks: 27 December 1977
Conqueror  United Kingdom A Grimsby trawler on her first voyage after a major refit, went ashore at Penzer Point, south of Mousehole, Cornwall. It is believed the crew were down below having breakfast and the trawler was on automatic pilot. The Penlee Lifeboat had insufficient power to tow Conqueror off the rocks and she assumed a 35° list and broke up on the rocks.[44]

Unknown date

List of shipwrecks: Unknown date 1977
Banshee  United States The 11-gross register ton, 28.9-foot (8.8 m) fishing vessel was wrecked on the coast of Kodiak Island in Alaska.[5]
Himma  Australia Scuttled off New South Wales.


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