List of ships sunk by submarines by death toll

Self-propelled torpedoes dramatically increased effectiveness of submarine warships. Initial scouting patrols against surface warships sank several cruisers in the first month of World War I. Incidental encounters with merchant ships were handled by signalling the ship to stop and sinking the ship after removing the crew in accordance with international law. After unrestricted submarine warfare began in February 1915, any ship might unexpectedly sink rapidly from heavy underwater hull damage inflicted by torpedoes. Many large ships sank unknown to friendly forces, and the submarines which sank them were too small to rescue more than a few survivors.[1] Heavy personnel casualties continued through World War II, and there have been a few later sinkings.

List of ships sunk by submarines by death tolls exceeding 150

Deaths Name Type National Affiliation Date Submarine National Affiliation
9,343[2]Wilhelm GustloffCruise ship serving as evacuation ship Germany30 January 1945S-13 Soviet Union
6,500[3]GoyaFreighter serving as evacuation ship Germany16 April 1945L-3 Soviet Union
5,620[4]Junyō MaruPrisoner transport Japan18 September 1944HMS Tradewind United Kingdom
5,400[5]Toyama MaruTroopship Japan29 June 1944USS Sturgeon United States
4,998[6]Ryusei MaruTroopship Japan24 February 1944USS Rasher United States
4,406-4,755[7]Tamatsu MaruTroopship Japan19 August 1944USS Spadefish United States
3,608[8]General von SteubenOcean liner serving as evacuation ship Germany10 February 1945S-13 Soviet Union
3,546[9]Mayasan MaruTroopship Japan18 November 1944USS Picuda United States
3,219[10]Nikkin MaruTroopship Japan30 June 1944USS Tang United States
3,000[6]Tango MaruPrisoner transport Japan24 February 1944USS Rasher United States
2,765[11]Lima MaruTroopship Japan8 February 1944USS Snook United States
2,670[5]PetrellaPrisoner transport Germany8 February 1944HMS Sportsman United Kingdom
2,665[7]Teia MaruTroopship Japan19 August 1944USS Rasher United States
2,649[12]Yoshida Maru No. 1Troopship Japan26 April 1944USS Jack United States
2,495[13]Yoshino MaruTroopship Japan31 July 1944USS Parche United States
2,475[13]Sakito MaruTroopship Japan1 March 1944USS Trout United States
2,246[9]Akitsu MaruAircraft carrier Japan14 November 1944USS Queenfish United States
2,134[14]Hawaii MaruTroopship Japan2 December 1944USS Sea Devil United States
2,113[15]Edogawa MaruTroopship Japan17 November 1944USS Sunfish United States
2,089[16]Dainichi MaruTroopship Japan8 October 1944USS Gurnard United States
2,035[14]Kamakura MaruTroopship Japan28 April 1943USS Gudgeon United States
2,008[17]Awa MaruOcean liner Japan1 April 1945USS Queenfish United States
2,000[5]Ural MaruOcean liner Japan27 September 1944USS Flasher United States
2,000[18]SalzburgTransport ship serving as prisoner transport Germany1 October 1942M-118 Soviet Union
1,934[13]Nichiren MaruTroopship Japan16 March 1944USS Tautog United States
1,926[19]Principe UmbertoTroopship Italy8 June 1916SM U-5 Austria-Hungary
1,773[20]Arisan MaruPrisoner transport Japan24 October 1944USS Snook or USS Shark United States
1,747[13]Arabia MaruTroopship Japan18 October 1944USS Bluegill United States
1,704[13]Denmark MaruTroopship Japan16 January 1944USS Whale United States
1,650[21]TaihōAircraft carrier Japan19 June 1944USS Albacore United States
1,621[22]LaconiaOcean liner/Troopship United Kingdom12 September 1942U-156 Germany
1,602[13]Daisyō MaruTroopship Japan26 October 1944USS Drum United States
1,576[13]Marei MaruTroopship Japan25 January 1945USS Silversides United States
1,540[6]Kōshū MaruPrisoner transport Japan4 August 1944USS Ray United States
1,539[13]Kenzui MaruTroopship Japan23 December 1944USS Blenny United States
1,529[23]Tsushima MaruCargo liner serving as evacuation ship Japan22 August 1944USS Bowfin United States
1,471[13]Jinyō MaruTroopship Japan7 December 1944USS Trepang United States
1,451[13]Hakuyō MaruTroopship Japan25 October 1944USS Seal United States
1,450[13]Maebashi MaruTroopship Japan30 September 1943USS Pogy United States
1,435[14]ShinanoAircraft carrier Japan29 November 1944USS Archer-Fish United States
1,428[13]Shiranesan MaruTroopship Japan19 October 1944USS Raton United States
1,400[14]Tatsuta MaruTroopship Japan9 February 1943USS Tarpon United States
1,394[14]Mizuho MaruTroopship Japan21 September 1944USS Redfish United States
1,384[14]Fuso MaruTroopship Japan31 July 1944USS Steelhead United States
1,338[24]GalliaTroopship France8 October 1916SM U-35 Germany
1,310[14]Awata MaruTroopship Japan22 October 1943USS Grayback United States
1,300AshigaraHeavy cruiser Japan8 June 1945HMS Trenchant United Kingdom
1,291[25]Conte RossoTroopship Italy24 May 1941HMS Upholder United Kingdom
1,279[26]Khedive IsmailTroopship United Kingdom12 February 1944I-27 Japan
1,273[14]Tsuyama MaruTroopship Japan2 October 1944USS Pomfret United States
1,272[14]ShōkakuAircraft carrier Japan19 June 1944USS Cavalla United States
1,262[14]Nichiran MaruTroopship Japan12 July 1944USS Piranha United States
1,250[14]ChūyōAircraft carrier Japan4 December 1943USS Sailfish United States
1,240[14]UnryūAircraft carrier Japan19 December 1944USS Redfish United States
1,201[27]LusitaniaOcean liner United Kingdom7 May 1915SM U-20 Germany
1,200[6]Takachiho MaruOcean liner Japan19 March 1943USS Kingfish United States
1,200[28]KongōBattleship Japan21 November 1944USS Sealion United States
1,188[29]Yasukuni MaruTroopship Japan24 January 1944USS Trigger United States
1,184[13]Rashin MaruTroopship Japan8 August 1945USS Pargo United States
1,159[14]Rakuyo MaruPrisoner transport Japan12 September 1944USS Sealion United States
1,130[30]ShinyoAircraft carrier Japan17 November 1944USS Spadefish United States
1,118[13]Hakozaki MaruOcean liner Japan19 March 1945USS Balao United States
1,073[14]Fukuyo MaruTroopship Japan6 December 1944USS Segundo United States
1,053[31]Montevideo MaruPrisoner transport Japan1 July 1942USS Sturgeon United States
995[32]GalileaTroopship Italy28 March 1942HMS Proteus United Kingdom
956[14]Taihei MaruTroopship Japan9 July 1944USS Sunfish United States
935[33]HMT Royal EdwardTroopship United Kingdom13 August 1915SM UB-14 Germany
921[34]Città di PalermoArmed merchant cruiser serving as troopship Italy5 January 1942HMS Proteus United Kingdom
930[35]La ProvenceTroopship France26 February 1916SM U-35 Germany
883[36]USS IndianapolisHeavy cruiser United States30 July 1945I-58 Japan
880[37]VeronaTroopship Italy11 May 1918SM UC-52 Germany
870[38]MinasTroopship Italy15 February 1917SM U-39 Germany
866[39][40]ScillinCargo ship serving as POW ship Italy14 November 1942HMS Sahib United Kingdom
865[41]Arandora StarOcean liner serving as POW ship United Kingdom2 July 1940U-47 Germany
862[42]HMS BarhamBattleship United Kingdom25 November 1941U-331 Germany
856[43]Nova ScotiaTroopship/POW ship United Kingdom28 November 1942U-177 Germany
856[13]Tenryō MaruTroopship Japan29 May 1945USS Sterlet United States
846[44]Lisbon MaruPrisoner transport Japan1 October 1942USS Grouper United States
819[45]LeopoldvilleTroopship Belgium24 December 1944U-486 Germany
817[14]Taiyō MaruOcean liner Japan8 May 1942USS Grenadier United States
810[14]Akane MaruTroopship Japan6 October 1944USS Whale United States
800[25]Francesco CrispiTroopship Italy19 April 1943HMS Saracen United Kingdom
786[46]HMS Royal OakBattleship United Kingdom14 October 1939U-47 Germany
768[47]StrumaMotor schooner Panama24 February 1942Shch-213 Soviet Union
754[48]AthosOcean liner France17 February 1917SM U-65 Germany
747[14]TaiyōAircraft carrier Japan18 August 1944USS Rasher United States
740[49]Le CalvadosTroopship France4 November 1915SM U-38 Germany
700[50]ShuntienCoastal merchant ship serving as POW ship United Kingdom23 December 1941U-559 Germany
688[51]Shinyo MaruPrisoner transport Japan7 September 1944USS Paddle United States
686[13]Taisei MaruTroopship Japan19 April 1945USS Sunfish United States
684[52]Léon GambettaArmored cruiser France27 April 1915SM U-5 Austria-Hungary
683 [53]USS JuneauAnti-Air cruiser United States13 November 1942I-26 Japan
675[54]SS DorchesterTroopship United States3 February 1943U-223 Germany
672[55]SMS Prinz AdalbertArmored cruiser Germany23 October 1915HMS E8 United Kingdom
668[13]Nikkō MaruPassenger and cargo ship Japan9 April 1945USS Tirante United States
667[56]Taito MaruCargo ship serving as evacuation ship Japan22 August 1945L-12 Soviet Union
658[13]Tateyama MaruTroopship Japan1 March 1945USS Sterlet United States
656[13]Sanka MaruTroopship Japan10 March 1945USS Kete United States
654[57]CeramicOcean liner United Kingdom7 December 1942U-515 Germany
648[58]SuffrenPre-dreadnought battleship France26 November 1916SM U-52 Germany
644[59]USS Liscombe BayEscort carrier United States24 November 1943I-175 Japan
643[60]HMS HampshireArmored cruiser United Kingdom5 June 1916SM U-75 Germany
638[61]Sant AnnaTroopship France11 May 1918SM UC-54 Germany
638[62]Ogasawara MaruCable layer serving as evacuation ship Japan22 August 1945L-12 Soviet Union
615[6]Suez MaruPrisoner transport Japan29 November 1943USS Bonefish United States
611[63]Sidi-Bel-AbbèsTroopship France20 April 1943U-565 Germany
610[64]HMT AragonTroopship United Kingdom30 December 1917SM UC-34 Germany
597[65]PalladaProtected cruiser Russia11 October 1914SM U-26 Germany
595[66]Tamahoko MaruPrisoner transport Japan24 June 1944USS Tang United States
574[67]Nigitsu MaruDepot ship serving as troopship Japan12 January 1944USS Hake United States
570[68]TrentoHeavy cruiser Italy15 June 1942HMS Umbra United Kingdom
564[69]LeinsterIrish Sea Ferry United Kingdom10 October 1918SM UB-123 Germany
562[70]HMS CressyArmored cruiser United Kingdom22 September 1914SM U-9 Germany
555[71]EuterpeTroopship Austria-Hungary11 August 1918F 7 Italy
547[72]HMS FormidablePre-dreadnought battleship United Kingdom1 January 1915SM U-24 Germany
544[73]Konron MaruTroopship Japan5 October 1943USS Wahoo United States
527[74]HMS AboukirArmored cruiser United Kingdom22 September 1914SM U-9 Germany
526[75]HMS HawkeProtected cruiser United Kingdom15 October 1914SM U-9 Germany
523[12]Aden MaruTroopship Japan6 May 1944USS Gurnard United States
518[46]HMS CourageousAircraft carrier United Kingdom17 September 1939U-29 Germany
514[76]HMS AvengerEscort carrier United Kingdom15 November 1942U-155 Germany
503[13]Nankin MaruTroopship Japan17 March 1945USS Spot United States
500~[77]RooseboomTroopship Netherlands1 March 1942I-59 Japan
497[78]TembienCargo ship serving as POW ship Italy27 February 1942HMS Upholder United Kingdom
488[14]Kachidoki MaruPrisoner transport Japan12 September 1944USS Pampanito United States
484[79]YomaTroopship United Kingdom17 June 1943U-81 Germany
484[80][81]Armando DiazLight cruiser Italy25 February 1941HMS Upright United Kingdom
470[82]HMS GalateaLight cruiser United Kingdom14 December 1941U-557 Germany
461[6]Ikoma MaruPrisoner transport Japan20 January 1944USS Seahorse United States
452[14]Kenjo MaruTroopship Japan7 December 1944USS Razorback United States
450[83]Bahia LauraTroopship Germany30 August 1941HMS Trident United Kingdom
450[84]TamaLight cruiser Japan20 October 1944USS Jallao United States
448[15]Seisho MaruTroopship Japan18 November 1944USS Sunfish United States
440[85]Asama MaruPrisoner transport Japan1 November 1944USS Atule United States
436[86]DjemnahOcean liner France14 July 1918SM UB-105 Germany
432[87]Città di MessinaTroopship Italy12 January 1941HMS Regent United Kingdom
419[88]HMS DunedinLight cruiser United Kingdom24 November 1941U-124 Germany
417[89]HMS PenelopeLight cruiser United Kingdom18 February 1944U-410 Germany
414[90]TransylvaniaTroopship United Kingdom4 May 1917SM U-63 Germany
400[91]BalkanTroopship France16 August 1918SM UB-48 Germany
392[92]Empress of CanadaTroopship United Kingdom13 March 1943Leonardo da Vinci Italy
381[93]Giovanni delle Bande NereLight cruiser Italy1 April 1942HMS Urge United Kingdom
379[94]BrazzaOcean liner France28 May 1940U-37 Germany
375[95]HMS HogueArmored cruiser United Kingdom22 September 1914SM U-9 Germany
374[96]Amiral CharnerArmored cruiser France8 February 1916SM U-21 Germany
373[97]Marina RaskovaMerchant ship Soviet Union13 August 1944U-365 Germany
369[98]HMS FidelityQ-ship United Kingdom30 December 1942U-435 Germany
364[99]DoggerbankBlockade runner Germany3 March 1943U-43 Germany
362[100]AbossoOcean liner United Kingdom29 October 1942U-575 Germany
360[101]CalabriaCargo and passenger liner United Kingdom8 December 1940U-103 Germany
360[102]Almeda StarOcean liner United Kingdom17 January 1941U-96 Germany
360[103]AtagoHeavy cruiser Japan23 October 1944USS Darter United States
349[104]NagaraLight cruiser Japan7 August 1944USS Croaker United States
344[105]MedjerdaTroopship France11 May 1917SM U-34 Germany
343[106]EmmaCargo ship/Troopship Italy16 January 1943HMS Splendid United Kingdom
336[107]MayaHeavy cruiser Japan23 October 1944USS Dace United States
336[108]DianaAviso/Sloop Italy29 June 1942HMS Thrasher United Kingdom
334[109]PersiaOcean liner United Kingdom30 December 1915SM U-38 Germany
330[110]NatoriLight cruiser Japan18 August 1944USS Hardhead United States
323[111]ARA General BelgranoLight cruiser Argentina2 May 1982HMS Conqueror United Kingdom
320[112]Sebastiano VenierCargo ship serving as POW ship Italy9 December 1941HMS Porpoise United Kingdom
307[6]UrakazeDestroyer Japan21 November 1944USS Sealion II United States
305[6]MefküreMotor schooner Turkey5 August 1944Shch-215 Soviet Union
300[113]Andrea SgarallinoPassenger ship Italy22 September 1943HMS Uproar United Kingdom
272[114]Henry R. MalloryTroopship United States7 February 1943German submarine U-402 Germany
270[115]BaependyCargo liner Brazil15 August 1942U-507 Germany
194[116]INS KhukriFrigate India9 December 1971PNS Hangor Pakistan


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