List of ships named SS Columbia

SS Columbia may refer to:

  • SS Columbia, the American excursion steamship built in 1902
  • SS Columbia (1840), a paddle steamer built by Robert Steele & Company and eventually wrecked
  • SS Columbia (1862), an iron steamship built by Archibald Denny, Dumbarton
  • SS Columbia (1866), a passenger/cargo vessel built by Alexander Stephen & Sons, Glasgow
  • SS Columbia (1880), the first vessel to have electricity
  • SS Columbia (1889), a German Hamburg America Line passenger ship purchased by Spain for use in the Spanish–American War as the auxiliary cruiser Spanish cruiser Rapido (1889), then returned to commercial service and later purchased by Russia for use in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904–1905 as the auxiliary cruiser Terek
  • SS Columbia (1891), a steam trawler built by Mackie & Thomson Govan
  • SS Columbia (1894), a British mail ship sold to France and sunk in World War I
  • SS Columbia (1896), a Canadian screw-driven tugboat
  • SS Columbia (1902), a Scottish passenger/cargo vessel originally named HMS Columbella and subsequently named Moreas, scrapped in Venice in 1929
  • SS Columbia (1908), a passenger/cargo vessel built by Russell & Co Port Glasgow
  • SS Columbia (1913), originally Katoomba, a troop transport-turned-passenger transport vessel scrapped in Nagasaki in 1959
  • SS Columbia (1914), a British passenger cruise ship first named Belgic and then renamed Belgenland before becoming the American vessel SS Columbia, broken up in 1936
  • SS Columbia (1920), a Canadian steam tugboat serving Lower Arrow Lake until 1948

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