List of scientists whose names are used in physical constants

Some of the constants used in science are named after great scientists. By this convention, their names are immortalised. Below is the list of the scientists whose names are used in physical constants.

List of the scientists and the physical constants

Name of the scientist


Life Nationality Name of the constant
Isaac Newton 1643–1727 British Newton's constant
Leonhard Euler 1707–1783 Swiss Euler's number
Charles-Augustin de Coulomb 1736–1806 French Coulomb's constant
Amedeo Avogadro 1776–1856 Italian Avogadro constant
Michael Faraday 1791–1867 British Faraday constant
Johann Josef Loschmidt 1821–1895 Austrian Loschmidt constant
Johann Jakob Balmer 1825–1898 Swiss Balmer's constant
Joseph Stefan 1835–1893 Slovene/Austrian Stefan's constant[2]
Ludwig Boltzmann 1844–1906 Austrian Boltzmann constant
Johannes Robert Rydberg 1854–1919 Swedish Rydberg constant
Joseph John Thomson 1856–1940 British Thomson cross section
Max Planck 1858–1947 German Planck constant
Wilhelm Wien 1864–1928 German Wien's constant
Owen Willans Richardson 1879–1959 British Richardson constant
Otto Sackur 1880–1914 German Sackur-Tetrode constant
Niels Bohr 1885–1962 Danish Bohr magneton, Bohr radius
Edwin Hubble 1889–1953 American Hubble constant[3]
Hugo Tetrode 1895–1931 Dutch Sackur-Tetrode constant
Douglas Hartree 1897–1958 British Hartree energy
Enrico Fermi 1901–1954 Italian/American Fermi coupling constant
Roger Apéry 1916–1994 Greek/French Apéry's constant
Brian David Josephson 1940 British Josephson constant
Klaus von Klitzing 1943 German von Klitzing constant

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References and notes

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  2. Also called Stefan-Boltzmann constant
  3. A factor of proportionality, later on corrected several times. Also called Hubble Humason constant ( Milton L. Humason , 1881–1972)
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