List of rivers of Malaysia

This is an incomplete list of rivers that are at least partially in Malaysia. The rivers are grouped by strait or sea. The rivers flowing into the sea are sorted along the coast. Rivers flowing into other rivers are listed by the rivers they flow into. The rivers that have their mouths in Malaysia are given in italics. The same river may be found in more than one state as many rivers cross state borders.

Rivers by international borders

International border River Area (km2)
Kelantan-ThailandGolok River1,011.125
Sabah-IndonesiaSibuku River799.452
Sabah-IndonesiaSembakung River5,467.765
Sarawak-BruneiPandaruan River222.378

Rivers by state borders

State border River Area (km2)
Perlis-KedahPerlis River724.398
Penang-KedahPerai River447.824
Penang-KedahJawi River231.031
Penang-Kedah-PerakKerian River1,420.233
Kedah-PenangMuda River4,150.397
Perak-SelangorBernam River2,836.333
Selangor-Federal TerritoryKlang River1,297.382
Selangor-Federal TerritoryBuloh River451.926
Selangor-Federal Territory-Negeri SembilanLangat River2,347.882
Selangor-Negeri SembilanSepang River101.932
Negeri Sembilan-MalaccaLinggi River1,297.668
Negeri Sembilan-MalaccaMalacca River614.575
Malacca-Johor-Negeri SembilanKesang River658.263
Johor-Negeri SembilanMuar River6,137.800
Johor-PahangEndau River4,739.059
Pahang-Negeri SembilanPahang River28,682.247

Rivers flowing into Celebes Sea


  • Kalabakan River
  • Kalumpang River
  • Serudong River
  • Silabukan River
  • Tawau River
  • Tingkayu River

Rivers flowing into South China Sea



  • Golok River
  • Kelantan River
  • Kemasin River
  • Semerak River
  • Raja Gali River
  • Pengkalan Datu River
  • Mak Neralang River
  • Bachok River
  • Pengkalan Chepa River
  • Melawi River, Bachok
  • Sungai Dua River, Bachok
  • Tapang River



  • Apas River
  • Bandau River, Sabah
  • Betotan River
  • Binsuluk River
  • Bongawan River
  • Bongaya River
  • Bongon River
  • Brantian River
  • Bukau River
  • Burong River
  • Gum-Gum Besar River
  • Inanam River
  • Jeragan Bistari River
  • Kaindangan River
  • Karamuak River
  • Kanibongan River
  • Keguraan River
  • Kimanis River
  • Klagan River
  • Klias River
  • Kolapis River
  • Kretam Besar River
  • Lakutan River
  • Langkon River
  • Linayukan River
  • Mamahat River
  • Manalunan River
  • Maruap River
  • Membakut River
  • Mengalong River
  • Mengkabong River
  • Merotai River
  • Milau River
  • Millian River
  • Moyog River
  • Mumiang River
  • Padas River
  • Papar River
  • Pegagau River
  • Pimpin River
  • Sabahan River
  • Sahabat River
  • Samawang River
  • Sapagaya River
  • Segaliud River
  • Sekong Besar River
  • Sengarong River
  • Sepagaya River
  • Sibunga Besar River
  • Simandalan River
  • Sinsilog River
  • Suanlamba Besar River
  • Sulaman River
  • Tandek River
  • Tanjung Labian River
  • Tatulit River
  • Tegupi River
  • Telaga River
  • Tempasuk River
  • Tiram River, Sabah
  • Tuaran River
  • Ulu Tungku River
  • Umas Umas River



  • Besut River
  • Dungun River
  • Ibai River
  • Keluang Besar River
  • Kemaman River
  • Kertih River
  • Marang River
  • Mercang River
  • Paka River, Terengganu
  • Setiu River
  • Terengganu River

Rivers flowing into Strait of Malacca

Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur




Negeri Sembilan





Rivers flowing into Sulu Sea


Rivers flowing into Tebrau Strait


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