List of rivers of British Columbia

The following is a partial list of rivers of British Columbia, organized by watershed. Some large creeks are included either because of size or historical importance (See Alphabetical List of British Columbia rivers ). Also included are lakes that are "in-line" connecting upper tributaries of listed rivers, or at their heads.

Arctic drainage

Arctic Ocean via Mackenzie River drainage

(NB Liard tributaries on Yukon side of border omitted)

Liard River

Peace River

Williston Lake (Parsnip Reach)

Williston Lake (Omineca Reach)

Williston Lake (Finlay Reach)

Pacific drainage ("Pacific Slope")

(Pacific Ocean watershed; Columbia tributaries on US side of border omitted)

Columbia River watershed

Strait of Georgia

Howe Sound

Jervis Inlet

Sechelt Inlet

Malaspina Strait

Desolation Sound watershed

Theodosia Inlet
Toba Inlet

Bute Inlet

Knight Inlet

North Bentinck Arm/Dean Channel

South Bentinck Arm

Douglas Channel/Gardner Canal

Fraser River - Source to the Willow River

Nechako River

Fraser River - Nechako to Thompson Rivers

Thompson River

Fraser River below Thompson River

Skagit Bay/Puget Sound (U.S.)

Boundary Bay

English Bay

Burrard Inlet

Indian Arm

Watersheds East of the Alaska Panhandle

(south and east of the Chilkoot Pass)

Watersheds North of the Alaska Panhandle

(west of the Chilkoot Pass)

  • Alsek River (mouth in Alaska, source at confluence of Kaskawulsh and Dezadeash Rivers in Yukon Territory)
    • Tatshenshini River (BC and Yukon)
      • Tkope River
      • O'Connor River
      • Klukshu River (Yukon Territory)
      • Blanchard River (BC and Yukon)
      • Parton River
    • Bates River (Yukon)
    • Kaskawulsh River (Yukon)
      • Dusty River (Yukon)
      • Jarvis River (Yukon)
    • Dezadeash River (Yukon)
  • Chilcat River (sp. Chilkat in Alaska)
  • Flemer River
    • Tahini River (NB different from Takhini River, which is in same area and runs the other way)
  • Kelsall River
    • Kelsall Lake (Glacier Camp Pass)
  • Klehini River

Marcus Passage watershed

Queen Charlotte Sound watershed

Douglas Channel watershed

Dean Channel watershed

Queen Charlotte Strait watershed

Islands of the British Columbia Coast watersheds

Rivers of Vancouver Island

Broughton StraitQueen Charlotte Strait watersheds
Discovery PassageJohnstone Strait watersheds
  • Campbell River
    • Quinsam River
      • Iron River
        • Chute Creek
    • John Hart Lake
    • Lower Campbell Lake
      • Greenstone Creek
    • Upper Campbell Lake
      • Elk River
        • Cervus Creek
    • Buttle Lake
      • Wolf River
      • Ralph River
        • Shepherd Creek
      • Myra Creek
      • Thelwood Creek
  • Salmon River
    • White River
    • Memkay River
      • Middle Memkay River
      • North Memkay River
  • Adam River
    • Eve River
  • Tsitika River
Gulf of Georgia watersheds
West Coast of Vancouver Island watersheds
Alberni Inlet-Barkley Sound
Clayoquot Sound
  • Cous Creek
  • Nahmint River
  • Effingham River
  • Toquart River
  • Kennedy River
  • Tofino Creek
  • Bedwell River
    • Ursus Creek
  • Cypress River
  • Moyena River
  • Atleo River
  • Megin River
  • Sydney River
  • Hesquiat River
    • Hesquiat Lake
  • Houston River
    • Jacklah River
  • Burman River
Nootka Sound
  • Gold River
    • Ucana River
      • Donner Lake
    • Heber River
    • Upana River
    • Muchalat River
      • Muchalat Lake
        • Oktwanch River
  • Tlupana River
    • Nesook River
  • Conuma River
  • Sucowa River
  • Leiner River
  • Tahsis River
  • Zeballos River
    • Nomash River
  • Kaouk River
  • Artlish River
  • Tahsish River
    • Kwois Creek
  • Marble River
    • Alice Lake
      • Benson River
        • Raging River
    • Victoria Lake
      • Teihsum River
  • Waukwaas River
  • Goodspeed River
  • MacJack River
  • San Josef River
  • Fisherman River
Strait of Juan de Fuca watersheds
  • Darling River
  • Klanawa River
    • East Klanawa River
  • Nitinat River
  • Carmanah Creek
  • Walbran Creek
  • San Juan River
    • Gordon River
    • Fleet River
  • Loss Creek
  • Jordan River
  • Sooke River
    • Leech River
    • Sooke Lake
  • Colquitz River

Haida Gwaii watersheds

Bering Sea (Yukon River) watershed

Note that only tributaries of the Yukon River in British Columbia are given; those in Yukon or Alaska are omitted.

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