List of rivers of Banten

List of rivers flowing in the province of Banten, Indonesia.[1][2]

In alphabetical order

Watershed area

In Banten Province there are four river regions (Indonesian: Wilayah Sungai); two of them are under the authority of Banten Province, i.e. Ciliman-Cibungur and Cibaliung-Cisawarna, whereas the other two are under the authority of the central government, i.e. Cidanau-Ciujung-Cidurian and Ciliwung-Cisadane.[3]

The government of Banten Province has the authority over 102 watershed areas (Indonesian: Daerah Aliran Sungai), including 75 areas in the Cibaliung Cisawarna river region and 27 other in Ciliman Cibungur river region.[4]

The watershed areas and the river regions in Banten Province are as follows:

  • 1. Cibaliung Cisawarna River Region (under Banten Province)
  • 2. Ciliman Cibungur River Region (under Banten Province)
  • 3. Cidanau Ciujung Cidurian River Region (under the central government)
  • 4. Ciliwung Cisadane River Region (under the central government)

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