List of regions of New Zealand by Human Development Index

This is a list of the regions of New Zealand by Human Development Index as of 2018 with data for the year 2017.[1]


RankRegion2017 HDIComparable country
Very high human development
1 Wellington 0.945   Switzerland
2Auckland0.936 Germany
3Canterbury0.926 Canada
4Taranaki0.924 United States
5Otago0.921 United Kingdom
6 Marlborough0.919 Finland
 New Zealand (average) 0.917  Belgium
7Tasman (with Nelson)0.913 Liechtenstein
8 Waikato 0.909  Japan
9Southland0.906 Austria
10Bay of Plenty0.905 Luxembourg
11 West Coast 0.902  South Korea
12Hawke's Bay0.896 Slovenia
13 Manawatu-Wanganui0.895 Slovenia
14Northland0.888 Czech Republic
15 Gisborne0.873 Estonia


  1. "Sub-national HDI - Area Database - Global Data Lab". Retrieved 13 September 2018.
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